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Hello everyone,

It is time to switch it up a bit from spawner realms to one of our most popular realms, a farming realm! We've added a few things to this map to fit in with the farming realm theme a little more. Read the changelog below to see the new "tools" we have added to assist you with your adventure this season.

Saturday, 15th of June at 2:00 PM EDT
(You can find this in your timezone by searching in Google)

Back to the smaller giveaway this week as unfortunately we cannot giveaway a Saga rank every week however, follow the instructions on the link below in order to win a top rank on a realm of your choice!


These changes are the exact same changes that have been pushed to our other new reset realms, Space, Mystic and Kingdom. However, we do have a few other changes to Western too. Make sure you read below this changelog for the information on that.

  • New things added to /shop and new prices.
  • Changed to points shop prices to accommodate a new update.
  • Buffed mine crates to make them a lot more valuable.
  • Removed XP shop (Please read below to see our changes to how to use XP).
  • Added /pay <name> all to allow for easier paying from alts.
  • Added island bank notifications to everyone on the island when someone withdraws or deposits money.
  • Added some loot to crates that are above the map kit to make loot worthwhile getting.
  • Heavily increased KOTH rewards to get things like spawners, points etc.
  • Heavily increased Envoy and supply drop rewards to contain spawners, points etc to encourage more PVP.
  • Added /is bank log to show the last 10 transactions.
  • Changed outpost so you do not need to stand on it to keep the booster, but a much longer capture time.
  • Tier 4 spawners will now condense poppies to 1 red terracotta.
  • Allowed the use of letters in /is withdraw/deposit.
  • After purchasing an item on /ah, you will be set back to the current page rather than closing the GUI.
  • Added /events toggle to toggle event messages.
  • Made envoys toggle persist after reboots/relogging.
  • Added an island permission to do /is level.
  • New Mob Arena and Mining world concept (Read below).
  • Mining World will actually have great value to it now.

Harvester Wand
This is a feature that we have never had on MineSaga and have decided to add it for this map of Western. Essentially, while holding this wand in your hand, when breaking crops the crops will automatically be added to your inventory rather than dropping them on the floor. This makes manual farming a lot easier for those who choose to do it.

Cactus Bomb
A cactus bomb will be an item which can be obtained from crates. What this will do is build you X layers of a chunk of cactus when placed. Similar to a generator, when you place this down, it will build you some layers of a cactus farm. This makes it easier for you to get bigger farms, and less need to use printer. If you want this to build perfectly within a chunk, you will need to place this block on the bottom right of a chunk and it will start to build the cactus farm there.

New Spawners
The same as our other newly reset realms, you will see new spawners on this realm to change up the economy from previous realms and to bring the setups up to date. The new spawners include Silverfish, Rabbits, Ender frame spawners and points spawners.

Spawner Condense Wand
As the map goes on, people have 10's of thousands of spawners which makes it very difficult to condense them all. This new spawner condense wand will allow you to go around all of your spawners and right click them which, if you have enough mob coins, will set each spawner to the maximum condense time of 24 hours. So rather than doing what you had to do before and open every single GUI, you will now just be able to fly around and click them all once every 24 hours.

We decided this would be a good middle ground as the idea of the condensed spawner is something that you constantly have to work towards to keep it ticking over to get the advantage. These will be accessible in all of our crates, packages, bosses and of course on the store.

XP Shop, Mining World and Mob Arena
One of the most anticipated changes is the XP Shop. We have completely gotten rid of the XP shop for good and changed the way that you use your XP.

We have decided to merge the Mining World and Mob Arena together to make an "Arena". This can be accessed by /arena and will be essentially both menus combined. You will see your statistics there and you will be able to select enhancements to help you along your way. PvP is disabled in this world now so you will not have to worry about that. The concept is the exact same, mining gets you money and killing mobs gets you mob coins. The only change is that you will be able to do them both in the same place rather than having to use the Mob Arena and Mining World separately.

Now, onto where the XP Shop comes into this. Whilst you are in the Arena, XP crates will spawn around you. These crates can be unlocked by using your own XP. There are many different tiers of XP crates from crates which will cost 10,000 XP to crates that will cost 100,000,000 XP. To open the crate, simply right-click it, and then click it again to confirm it. You will then get given the contents of the crate which will basically be an exact same conversion to what you would get if you opened the same amount of XP in the old XP shop. However, you not only will get shards, but you will also get other things such as spawners, tiered hoppers, points and lots of other crate loot.

So essentially, the only change is that you have to go into the Arena to use your XP of XP crates rather than standing and auto clicking XP shop. We have more planned with XP coming soon.


Rewards have not changed and will be the same as previous maps.
  • First Place: $150/week (PayPal or Global Coupon)
  • Second Place: $75/week (Coupon)
  • Third Place: $50/week (Coupon)
  • Fourth Place: $15/week (Coupon)
  • Fifth Place: $10/week (Coupon)
A reminder that coupons can only be spent on the realm you win them on, unless you take a Global coupon as a PayPal alternative for Island top 1.

What will I keep?

We've compiled a list of things that you'll keep when the realm resets. Note that, if you used a voucher in-game, you'll also still keep it.
  • Ranks
  • Fly
  • Kits
  • Island Expansions
  • Hopper Expansions
  • Fast Place
  • Points
  • Mob Coins
  • Tags
  • Cosmetics
  • Creatures (Levels will be reset)

Closing Remarks

We hope you enjoy these changes and have another great season of Western. Let us know of any other changes you want to make realms a little bit different to each other in a suggestions thread.

Similar to previous resets, island top winners for the current map will be chosen on Friday at 5:00 PM ET. After this, we'll host an event where you can destroy spawn, and other islands just after at 5:00 PM ET. This will be followed by the realm closing until the following day where it'll reset.

Saturday, 15th of June at 2:00 PM EDT

Thanks guys,
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when you use the harvesting wand will it still count as manual harvest for point drops?
I don't play on Western since I don't have a rank there, but the changes coming to it make me kinda wanna play. I've always been big on Farming so this seems like something I may switch over to.
I am eagerly anticipating the realm reset, for one, the cactus bomb sounds like a marvelously dynamic idea, as many of us know it can get monotonous building a chunk cactus farm. Secondarily I am keen to see about the XP changes too, spending hours in the xpshop clicking ceaselessly to get thru hundreds of millions of XP just to have to do it once more the following day was onerous to say the least. I am eager to get this 'season' initiated. Thank you to the Mine Saga team for always trying to find ways, better ways, to create superior and heighten environments for us members indulgence and ultimately our enjoyment threw the community and each time a betterment of the upcoming realm reser. .
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