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Voting Updates


Leadership Team
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πŸ‘‹ Hey everyone.

It's been a while since we've given voting an overhaul, so we've decided to implement a few new rewards and voting features.

If you've got any suggestions for voting or have any questions on the update, comment them on the thread!

πŸ“š Changes

We've made quite a few changes to voting that aren't covered in other sections in the post, here's a summary of the main points:
  • Voting whilst offline will now give rewards on all servers once you've logged on to 1 realm
  • You will be reminded on a timed interval if you have not voted
  • You will now be able to use /topvotes to check users with the most votes
In addition to this, we're introducing new voting and vote party rewards!

Vote Rewards
You will receive all of the below rewards when you vote for the server. You can do this three times a day.

🐦 /fly for 10 minutes​
πŸ’° $2,500​
🎁 5 points​
πŸ—οΈ 1x Vote Key​
⛏️ 1x Basic Shard​
πŸ›’ 5m 1.2x sell booster​

Vote Party Rewards
From now on, during Vote Parties, all online users will be given the below rewards.
πŸ—οΈ 1x Drop Party Key​
πŸ›’ 3m 1.2x sell booster​

πŸ’² Vote Jackpot

The Vote Jackpot is a new way to earn money by voting. You will be entered into this jackpot each time you vote, meaning you can be entered three times each day. The Jackpot will roll once each day. You will be able to execute /vote jackpot to see the possible rewards from each Jackpot draw.

The rewards from the Jackpot could be spawners, boss eggs, minion spawn eggs/upgrades, valuable blocks, money, ranks, and more. Make sure you vote to enter into the daily Jackpot!

🎁 Vote Profile/Rewards

We're introducing a new system that allows you to claim free, daily rewards by voting. You can claim these rewards through /vote profile, and then click on the days that you have voted to claim. You must have a Discord account synced to use this!

If you miss a day of voting it'll reset you back to the first reward, and there are 21 rewards to win in a row. If you get to the end (and win the best prize available) then you'll be set back to day 1 and can start from the beginning again!

So, we hope you enjoy the new vote features! They'll be deployed live to realms over the next few days!
Great addition! Is there already a date set for the new features implementation?


Well-known member

Excited to see it lmao, players will feel more entitled voting.


Well-known member
+1 Nice update! I've been voting usually since I realized the better vote shop and I'm pretty sure these updated just fill in the gap. I will be voting daily now πŸ˜ƒ
Couple quick questions...

If I vote 3 times in a row will it stack to be a 15min boost?
& Will it stack with the Outpost 1.4x boost?

Thx, ~Lucky_Demon
Can there be a way to unsync your minecraft account from your discord, in case your old minecraft account that you don't remember the password to gets hacked...


Well-known member
I've already been voting every day since september 2018 so this shouldn't be a problem :)