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Denied Unban appeal for friend

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Well-known member
Ign trainer_wolf
Why was I banned auto click
Who banned me:gullible
Why do I want iunbanned: words from. my friend i am sorry for auto clicking and I won't do it again
On what? Minecraft
Oh Thanks Quig!! I want Trainer_wolf To Be unbanned. Gullible he is my best friend, pls unban him. He said to me that he will not do auto clicks ever again, and he understand that he will not do it again. Please unban him, he is my really really good friend.

Thanks ZhekaYT


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You cannot appeal for another user.

If the user is unable to appeal they need to email, [email protected] or create another account and submit an appeal / support thread.


Moderation Team
Staff member
Auto clicking is a serious offense and you were recently banned. You can appeal in 2 weeks. Please use your own forums account to appeal your bans.
Not open for further replies.