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Denied Trex920's Staff App


New member
Minecraft Username Trex920

Age 20

Timezone Mountain Daylight Time

Country United States

Realm Activity I mostly play on mystic, But every once in a while I play on other realms like kingdom, space, etc.

Activity I am able to put 20-30 hours a week into MineSaga.
Monday: 5-9 hours
Tuesday: 5-9 hours
Wednesday: 5-9 hours
Thursday: 5-9 hours
Friday: 5-9 hours
Saturday: 5-7 hours
Sunday:4-7 hours
I'm active every day.

Experience I have previous experience with owning my own server with about 10-30 people on it, It was fun but eventually I gave up on the server and found MineSaga. I started this server with a friend because we wanted to make a pvp server that was fun and just dedicated to pvp.

Explain I feel i could make a good addition to the team because i'm responsible, respectful, and honorable. I will do whatever is necessary to Moderate chat, Ban hackers. Give warning etc.

Teamwork means you have to show respect. You need to work with others and make decisions together. When you work together, you have to be kind, honest, and work together.

Honesty is very important when you work together. It can cause problems and conflicts when there are people on the team. I was always taught to be honest and not lie to anyone. I am always honest and I also show it. Because we have to win the trust of others.

To remain a staff member, you need to be active. In Minesaga we spend a lot of time playing and communicating with the community. I think that's an advantage. By communicating with the community, you get to know the community better and can easily understand the situation in the event of problems. Being active means that you should always be online and not always a partner. I can assure you that I will be very active online.

Being a teammate is also being nice. It can even lead to bad conversations and forgiveness if both parties understand each other. Being nice also means that when you talk to someone you don't like, you have to be nice to that person. My parents always taught me something very important. "Be kind to others and kind to yourself."

The one who likes to learn also means that you like to cultivate. I am always open to new ways of dealing with situations, e.g. B. punish people or moderate a chat.
Patient: If you like to learn, it also takes patience. Because whether you like it or not, always be patient. I love learning new things, but it is very difficult to learn without being patient. I can promise to be patient whether I like it or not.


Head of Support
Staff member
Senior Administrator

Unfortunately, we haven’t decided to move forward due to the lack of detail in your application. Your application plays an important part in our decision, so it’s worth putting the effort in. You are welcome to re-apply in two weeks with this in mind.