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For new players, here are some basic commands to start you off in the right direction (green = other users submitted):

  • /is create: Create your first island
  • /is: Once created, teleport to your island
  • /shop: Purchase and sell blocks/items
  • /warp: Different warps to different areas on Minesaga
  • /is warp username: Warp to another player's island (replaced <username> with their ingame name)
  • /vote: Vote for free rewards (daily) - Click on each link and follow the instructions
  • /ah: Auction House - buy and/or sell your items, player to player
  • /is level: Assess the level of your island based on the quality of blocks placed so far
  • /is value: Assess the value of the item to your island level (must be holding it)
  • /sell hand: Sell the entirety of what is currently being held (if it can be sold)
  • /sell handall: Sell all of the item you're holding from your inventory
  • /buy: Make real-money purchases to enhance your experience on the server
  • /pointshop: See (and shop with) your points accumulated from voting
  • /bottlexp: Bottle your experience for safe storage
  • /nv: Night vision

Im just wondering on how to use schematica and printer and what it does for you. If anyone can reply, that would be great because some people have been talking about it and I'm not sure what they do.

Hey guys as of recently I have noticed a major increase of new players joining the server so me and @OMGodness decided to make a google document with everything on how to do/use. Like what commands and how to use them, If there is anything I am missing out please leave a comment below telling me what there is to add and will update it as soon as possible.

Google Document: http://bit.ly/2Nhc8dt

Discord -
iprojordan#5006 DM me if you have any questions or comment below!

Next time should I do every guide (new comers staff litterly everything) ON the forums in 1. Take a massive time but I got time so should I waste countless hours copying every guide and a link. Or should I do 1 step up and do every single one with a viewer could higher then (Number tell me bellow)


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Please explain why you did this other than to post farm. /help is a thing and there is a search feature on the forums


Moderation Team
Staff member
There's already a guide created by the server staff team:

Not to say that you shouldn't be trying to help new players, but this feels kind of redundant.


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Its nice that youre trying to help new players but theres already /help for that and the post that max linked above^