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Time Limit Trades


Moderation Team
Staff member
My idea is that you have a /trade system where you can control how long someone has a item for before it gets returned to the original owners inventory.
For example, someone needs a silk touch to borrow, you can /trade them it, put a time limit of 5 minutes on it, and it stays in the persons inventory for 5 minutes soulbound, so they cant put it in chests or anywhere else, and then it returns to the original persons inventory. This can be a big part in the economy. Also, instead of going straight to the original persons inventory, it should go to a place where you can do /claim or something like that to get it back.


Moderation Team
Staff member
Senior Mod
Could be nice. But unfortunately I think it's not possible to implement and if it is, it will be really hard to make.


Well-known member
I don't think it will work what if someone is making you a buycraft deal and he gave you 1T for 5 mins and scammed you....


abusive, btw, how can you give someone a Astronaut rank with a 5 minute time limit when he already used it? you can also scam someone off easily, firesteel said that you would be notified doing a 5 minute but they are to focused on the trade so most of the time they wont see the message. -1


Well-known member
-1 pretty useless tbh. Wouldnt need it and if someone needs spawners broken why dont they just coop you? If you run off with thier spawners then they can just report you and it will be dealt with


Active member
Idea is not bad at all, and have it good and bad sides but it seems useless. We can live/play without that...


Well-known member

Despite all the dupe bugs or other issues that the server may come across I think this is a great idea. I can already see this being used in prison where I can lease my pickaxe for a limited amount of time and earn a side income. I would love to see this implemented.



Just trade the item back and forth with person you trust. If you are scammed, have evidence and there is no real reason to require this.