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Denied Tehcheatah's Staff Application


New member
Minecraft Username

What is your age?
I am 17 at the moment turning 18 in October.

What is your timezone?
I live in England so it will be GTM.

What country are you from?

Which realm do you play on the most?
I put most if not all of my hours into Mystic as it was the first one I joined. I love the community there and I have really enjoyed my stay there.

How many hours a week are you able to put into Minesaga?
I currently work 8 hours of my day on weekdays but that doesn't stop me from jumping onto the server.
Monday-Friday: 4-6Hours
Saturday: 7-11Hours
Sunday: 6-12Hours

If I have a day off work I will most likely spend upwards of 10 hours on the server if I'm occupied.

Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?
I was one of the designated Co-Owners of a Towny server that was a part of a group of friends on discord.
There were other types of games and they all had their own people who would set up and manage it.
I managed some of the plugins like the towny itself, custom items, notice boards, ranks, Luck Perms, and commands.
I would help the very occasional person who would enter the server as we were up for beta testers.

It was about 14ish months ago when I resigned as I had left high school and got the job that I am in now.
I have the discord of the original guy and I still have all the conversations from a while ago if you would like to see it all

Why do you want to become a staff member?
In short terms, I love helping others both in real life and in-game. I like the feeling that I have positively impacted someone by helping them along a process.
I'm always putting others before myself whether it is a friend or a complete stranger so I always tend to put aside what I'm currently doing to help said person
I'm able to have a laugh and a joke (or so I think) but I'm also able to take a matter seriously if the situation needs to be.
I've been a regular player and I know what it's like to be new. I'm able to put myself into their shoes and give them the best possible answer.
I would love to be someone that people go to for help whether its a general question or an argument.

Ways I Can Help:
General Help:
I can give help like answering questions to maybe showing someone how to make a grinder. I will always give 100% into any help I provide.

I have seen a couple of these go on in my time in Minecraft and my first thought is to diffuse the situation and take it somewhere where it won't disturb others. I will understand both sides and try to either settle the argument by letting them talk it out calmly or putting something into a place where it benefits both sides.

Chat related offenses:
Things like spam and advertising are something people don't like seeing on the server. Spam would start off as a warning and if it to continue a mute. If it goes further it would be escalated to the relevant person to action the person in question.
Advertising would start off as a mute so nothing is spread across the server. It would then be mentioned to someone higher to issue actions going forward.

Other Violations of the rules:
IF needed i would record the "offense" if needed and pass it on to someone who can take action. If possible I would try to stop the offense if it is something continual like muting someone who is verbally abusing a player.

Other Comments:
First of all, Thank You for reading all of this. I am happy to answer any questions or jump into a Voice Chat if needed.
I do have recording software, microphone, discord if any of these are needed. I wasn't sure so I thought its best to add it.
Also, my name is Connor for those who would like to call me by my name.
Hope to speak to you soon ^-^

Kind Regards,

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Lmao this is literally your first post on the forums. You created the account 3 hours ago...


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-1 ^^^^


-1 reasons stated above, lack of detail, and you've only played the server for a week


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-1 you are a new member as well you need more details


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Staff member
Senior Administrator

Lack of detail.