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So its 4 in the morning, and I can't sleep because of these amazing player!

I'm here to debunk every statement that dep0125 and paul200540 has said in the these post.

dep0125's app paul's app rr1076's app

Statement No.1 Dep0125 claimed to be a "builder on hypixel" and "helper on vanityMC"
and here's what I've found

Both shows no sign of being "Builder" nor "Helper", one of them don't even have a profile yet. And I know I know, he might have changed his ign so it doesn't appear. So here, I gotchu No name change.
Sooo kinda weird isn't it dep?

Statement No.2
You guys don't know each other.

So if you guys don't know each other, how would you both applied at the same time, and +1'ed at the same time?
(both applied at around 11:10 to 11:20)

(and commented on each others post at around 11:20 to 11:30)
And somehow be in the same team? (also crashtest is also in there lol)

Coincidence? I think not, what do you think my Co-Detective @Popstopdash?

Statement No.3 The comment under rr's post So you said its copied? lemmi launch my plagiarism checker...

oh noes this is not the answer i wanted!

Guys its not that hard to google, and it's not that hard to dig old stuff out. It's 2020.

How about let's be honest for once, and you might get a chance of getting helper.
oh well probably not cuz of the low playtime lol @dep0125 @paul200540
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