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Denied Suggestions


Well-known member
Minimum amount of time that is required before a suggestion is locked and closed. I made a suggestion on rules and players were supporting it. Didn’t even stay up for 24 hours. (https://www.minesaga.org/threads/rules.29994/)

How is it fair to deny a suggestion without allowing the community to respond or give feedback. This is a good opportunity to actually listen instead of coming across closed minded and just shutting the idea down instantly. I understand some ideas can be completely bizarre. But how else are meant to gather support for an idea or suggestion without having to repost it constantly. Because I do not want to repost something several times before the community can have a good decision made. They were awfully quick to respond to my suggestion let alone ones that were posted a while ago. So it makes me think there was no consideration or even thought on the idea.


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
The community do not always get to decide what we do or don't want to implement. If we do not want to implement the idea, no amount of community support is going to shift our position. Yours was denied as quick because it was never going to be implemented, the others are left up to allow the community to discuss them.