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suggestions for next map


Administration Team
Staff member
These are my opinions everything is still up to the owners what they feel like should be added:

- i don't think people are really enjoying buying villes that much maybe add guardians and rabbit back or maybe add a new spawners beucase i think villes are getting boring in mineasga balance out the spawners like i tested skeletion it drop 1 bone and 4 arrows per skele and thats like 6 dollar per sell and one kill from ville you get around 30 lapis thats around 840 and keep in mind skele spawner is 1.25m and villes is 9.2m( different on every realm).
The eco was meant to be more "1.0" styled and I feel like adding these would take away from that. The 1.0 map where guardians were in w/ 1.0 they still were nowhere as good as villys.

dragon egg - This should be like a sell boost thing like if you have one dragon egg in your island it will ad 0.01 sell boost for everyone in our island and it stacks with outpost but make the chance very low to get.
Won't happen since the dragon egg is used as a crate maybe if it was a different block I could see it.

frog creature - I think frog creature need a remake becuase it can only give ig, sell wand and shards maybe add a chance for it to drop villes ( realy low chance), higher chance of dropping ig, added legendary shard / advanced shard to it.
I've used the frog creature, and in my opinion, it is fine where it stands.

xp crates from arena - i don't know why did you guys revmoe xp crates from arena , most of the players liked it but i know for 1.0 is little too op , maybe decrease the chance of getting so much shards at once becuase you could get 4.5k basic shards from one 100mil xp crates.
XP keys are more 1.0 styled + people wanted XP keys added back.

disguise - this is little useless but ./diguise cat so you can become a cat but obv make member rank with no digiuse, red rank with cat and wolfs, blue rank with horse and cows, green rank with iron golems, yellow rank with every mob's SAGA AND LEGEND RANK WITH ENDER DRAGON ( ik not gonna happen but i would like to see that )
I doubt this will be added for performance reasons.

adding the old points shop like you could get a villes for 60 points and RESET THE POINTS FOR NEXT MAP
I disagree with this I feel that it allows players to save up points for ranks/perks they wouldnt be able to get in one map (maybe they joined late).

everything else I'm more neutral than for/against.


Moderation Team
Staff member
Senior Mod
Yea back when arena was new, I used to pay people to host 4 alts for me in arena and have 20 alts on to load crates for me. Used to take 2 people just to get through all the crates. Good times.
I remember being allowed by gullible to have 8 alts online due to my brother

That was quite a big advantage ngl


Well-known member
I only have one suggestion - make the pvp arena more smaller and flat!

Maybe not as flat as this map but ya' know.. use your best judgement of course :)