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Suggestion: Stock Market


Hello fellow Minesaga players, today I present to you my magnifique idea: Stock Market.

-how it works: at the spawn, a new NPC appears named Market Engineer. This guy will show you the stock market. In the stock market, you will find items such as minions, hay, sponge, etc. The community can control the economy using this. Now, lets say you bought a stock worth $80 a share ($80 is nowhere near your final payout, just listen) and in a few hours, that stock goes up to $90. You wouldve bought $10m worth of stock and get around $11m back. So a $1m profit. This works with bigger money. You buy for $10B and get $11B back. $1B profit.

Now, how does the stock value go up? Well, if a lot of people buy the same stock, it goes up. If no one buys the stock, it goes down. Once it reaches $0.00, the community choose to do the following with the stock:
-remove it from the realm (ex minions hit $0.00 so the community removes it)
-give it a second chance. The stock restarts at $10. This is useful if the owners decide to release a last minute buff to, say, void chests so that it can filter items without a t4 hopper.

How would the menu look?
I will make a short video about it so that the devs have just a bit of a clue about what im trying to make. I will edit this post with a link to the vid.

And that's it folks, later.

Edit:never made a menu concept but it should look like a graph and on the left side you got items to cycle through and see their stock. At the bottom there is 1 option: "my stocks". You click it andsee your stocks. You can sell it by left clicking it.
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Even better solution: 1 stock market, 1 IP address, 1 HWID (HardWare ID). So u can use 1 account on 1 machine from 1 ip. The only way u can bypass thid is getting another pc and download a vpn on it which I dont think anyone would do.


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We can't get the HWID without them using a custom client. Would be impossible to control with peoples alts etc although it would be cool on a different server