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Denied Staff Application

Minecraft Username:

What is your age? Please note, to apply for staff you need to be at least 13 years old.
I am 18

What country are you from?
United States

Which realm do you play on the most?
Space, Jurassic, and Marvel

How many hours a week are you able to put into Minesaga?
I can put in at least 10 - 14 hours a week, 2 - 5 hours a day.

Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?
Yes, I was previously a Helper on Minesaga.

I learned how to use the basic skills.
- How to use OBS
- How to be patient
- How to use my commands
- Mute and ban correctly
- How to rely on other staff if I need help

I was able to use OBS to record for proof. It was very helpful for me. I was able to learn patience from difficult members. It is recommended to be patient with members that slander you or others, and deal with few members. I remember how to use most of my commands from when I was a helper. How to ban, mute, and check the history of players. I learned how to ban and mute members with the right commands. I also learned how to rely on my staff team when I was unsure of certain situations.

Why do you want to become a staff member?
Well, I believe I can be a great asset to the Minesaga team and the community. I'm aware of the rules, and I am more than capable of following them. I want to help my fellow staff members, and make the community a better place! I love Minesaga and there is always something more to do. I've played Minesaga for almost a year now, and I'd like to be of help again.
I know my commands and how to use OBS. I won't have any problem with either.
I'm very loyal to this server, and the people of this server. I'm a honest and friendly individual. I have no problems with the staff of this server, or the people. I've never leaked information. I can keep staff information to myself and the staff team.

I was able to learn many skills while I was helper. I will definitely be able to use those skills if I am accepted. I learned how to use multiple commands. Even how to deal with many situations. I was able to help a lot on this server, and I'd like to return. We need more active staff. Minesaga is always in need of more active staff.
Please allow me to do more for Minesaga. You won't regret it. I can do more than I put in last time. I am putting in this application because I am serious about the position of a helper, and I will do my absolute best to help the server.

I have more dedication now than I did before. I will put in the hours I need. I will do whatever I can for this server. I want to make this server more clean and fun for everyone else. I want let my staff family down. I know that I am capable of helping our server. I will be able to resolve any situation. I will ask my team if I am unaware of any issues I am having. I can and will do my best for the community.

I will not show partiality to others. Everyone will be treated with the same respect as the other. No one likes a biased staff member. I will not use my position to help others with bad intentions. I will use my position to actually help the community. My position as staff will not be a mistake. I am a fair and just individual. I want the staff and community to see me as a trusted member of the team.

I am very inspirational. I've always been able to boost other's moods. Staff or member, I will do whatever I can to help them. I always have something positive to say. I am aware we are not always able to help in the ways our member want, so the most I can do is try to talk things out, and try to help. I want to help inspire new and older members of Minesaga as well.

Addition Information:

I'm a fun member, and I want others to enjoy their time on Minesaga.

Thank you for reading my staff application. I'd like to rejoin the team and make this a more enjoyable server!



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No noob

good boy

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short but you will be accepted cuz ur a female
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More detail is needed, You will be accepted cause ur ex-staff


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Lack of detail