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Hey everyone.

This post contains all the details regarding Skyblock. There's a lot to cover here and the post will probably go on for a while. So if you're trying to find something specific, you're probably best-using search to do so.

Anyway, here's to the content!

Shards and Experience Shop
We've completely changed the Experience Shop. Instead of buying keys that are practically useless, we've made it so that you can spend 1500 experience for a random Shard.

You can use these Shards in the shards menu (accessible with /shards) to craft your Shards into full keys. The amounts required are all listed below.
  • Basic: 8 Shards
  • Advanced: 15 Shards
  • Legendary: 15 Shards
  • Drop Party: 4 Shards
  • Vote: 4 Shards
Each Shard has its own type. For example, to craft Basic keys, I would use Basic Shards. You can get Shards in a number of ways, such as through crate keys, the experience shop, voting, and more.

Island Updates
We've made quite a lot of changes to the island plugins and general settings. We took a large number of suggestions over the past few months and have decided to implement them on to the server.

If you want to save the hassle of us having to contact you to receive your PayPal email for winning island top each week, you can now issue /is paypal email to set your PayPal email. Only administrators and owners can access this email and it is only ever used to pay out island top rewards.

Island Banks
Another heavily suggested feature was Island Banks. Banks allow you to deposit and withdraw money, in a shared bank balance between your players. You can access the bank using /is bank and you can deposit and withdraw money using /is deposit amount and /is withdraw amount.

Island Value
Instead of using a random level number as the main block value, we're going to be using a money equivalent. Spawners are still not counted towards this and only blocks will be counted as they were before, the only difference being that it is measured in a monetary value instead of a random level number.

We've made a few changes to the template system and how it works. We've created three beautiful templates that can be used when you create your island. Members can only access the first template, however certain donator ranks can access the other two, larger templates.

Above, you can see that we've also changed the menu around. It's much cleaner and looks so much better than the ugly mess it was before.

One thing we really wanted to do and something that was often suggested was to implement more island permissions that can be configured. We've worked on a few, and here are some of the new settings.
  • You can now only break and modify high-value blocks (including block stacks) if you have the permission
  • New permission for adding to block stacks and placing high-value blocks
  • New permission for breaking Void Chests and Tiered Hoppers
  • New permission for inviting users to your island
So basically, this gives leaders a lot more freedom as to what their island members can do. We plan to add more permissions in the future and feel free to request any in the Suggestions area.

We've decided to implement Outpost event. This is an event that is always active and is located in the PVP arena. It's basically like a KOTH, that once you have control over, your entire island will have access to a 1.2x multiplier. If someone is contesting the Outpost, you will not get this booster.

This does not mean that the server is PVP themed as everyone seems to think. It just adds an additional way to gain extra money, through having control of the Outpost.

New Creatures
As heavily requested, we've implemented two new Creatures. The Horse and the Cat.

The Cat Creature has the ability to increase your chance of mob coins whilst it's active. As for the Horse, it can speed up crop growth rates whilst it's around. We've also made some changes to other Creatures to make them less overpowered.

Island Top
We've decided to change up how we handle rewards from now on. We'll be giving prizes out to the top five islands each week, with each realm having the same prize rewards.
  • First Place: $150 (PayPal)
  • Second Place: $75 (Store Credit)
  • Third Place: $50 (Store Credit)
  • Fourth Place: $15 (Store Credit)
  • Fifth Place: $10 (Store Credit)
We think this will involve more users whilst also making the server more competitive and rewarding.

Spawner Upgrades/Mob Coins
Spawner Upgrades have been here in the past, but we've completely changed the system and made it much better. You now upgrade your spawners using Mob Coins, and instead of only increasing the speeds, upgraded spawners will also drop better items from mobs instead of just the default mob drop.

We've made the custom mob drops for each spawner/mob different on each realm, and we plan on doing so to keep the economy fresh and different, which we'll go more in-depth on soon. This also completely revamps Mob Coins and actually makes them worth something.

Walmart/Auction House
Something we've had in the works/planned for a while is a revamp to the Auction House plugin that we're using, which we decided to call Walmart. This was delayed and delayed, but we're finally ready to show you guys with the new resets!

As can be seen, by above, we've split the Auction House into several categories to make it easier for what you're looking for/what you want to see. The categories are listed below.
  • Blocks
  • Spawners
  • Enchanted Books
  • Ores/Island Levels
  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Armour
  • Farming
  • Rares
  • Other
If you click on one of the categories, you can view all the items listed just as before.

So here's an example of the Spawners category and an item listed by Gullible. You can see that the item has a BIN price, meaning that you can automatically "Buy It Now" for the price listed. This is the way auctions currently work on the server. However, in order to make it feel more like an actual auction, we've implemented a Bid feature.

This is an example of an item with a Bid price. Sebastian has already bid $120, so the next I can bid is $121 as the Bid increment is set at $1. I can do so by clicking on the item. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction expiring wins.

We've also implemented another really cool feature that allows you to search for items in the Auction House if it gets cluttered. Going back to the main menu, you can click the nametag to search for a random item through this sign interface.

Then, it's as simple as typing, clicking done, and seeing the results! They'll appear on a menu just like all the other listings. That was a lot to unpack, but there's one more thing: how to start an auction. You do this by typing /ah create whilst holding the item. It will open up this menu.

This is where you select from Bid, BIN, or Bid with increments. You're then asked to enter a price in a sign menu just like search.. and boom! Your item is up on the Auction House/Walmart ready to be purchased! You can collect your items and cancel auctions in the profile area in the main menu.

Minions are slightly outdated, and there were a few major issues with them. We've decided to fix this with the update, by introducing the following things.

As a note, we've changed the way Minions save - so they should no longer go missing.

Farming Mode
Whilst Minions are intended to automate tasks for you, one thing they struggled with before is the Farming section. With the recent changes to the economy, this mode will be much more beneficial and worthwhile. Farming Mode allows Minions to mine nearby crops and replant them automatically.

You can upgrade this using money to increase the radius. You can unlock the mode with a module item that can be won via crates, packages, or purchased on the store.

Sell Mode
We've introduced the Sell Mode, a fairly simple way to sell items via your Minion. It works like Void Chests, but with support for multiple chests and is much more simplistic. You can link your Minion to a chest using its interface, and then those chests will automatically sell almost identical to a Void Chest.

By default, you can automatically sell one chest. This can be upgraded using in-game money to increase the number of chests, with a maximum level of three. You can unlock the mode with a module item that can be won via crates, packages, or purchased on the store.

Gen Mode
Gen Mode works almost identically to an actual cobblestone generator. It's an imitation/virtual representation of a cobble-gen and is intended to practically replace them. They'll still work normally, but, sponge won't spawn. Sponge also won't spawn in this mode. It will place chests into a linked chest.

It needs a pickaxe in its hand to work. You can upgrade this mode to increase the speed it mines at. It will, of course, mine minerals just like a normal cobblestone generator. This mode is automatically unlocked with the Minion.

Booster Items
We've implemented a new feature called Booster Items. These are similar to Boosters but will work within certain areas. You will receive an item called a Booster Item, which can be thrown at a certain area to boost certain things within that area.

There are different types of Booster Items, all of which are listed below.
  • Loot
  • Experience
  • Mob Coins
  • Farm
They're all pretty self-explanatory. You'll get the Booster within the outlined area until the timer expires, as will all players in that radius. You can receive Booster Items either through the store, crates, or packages.

Something we've always intended to implement is Leaderboards. These are NPCs at spawn that will showcase the top islands and their island values. We've finally done this!

You can head to spawn to view the ranking of the top islands! Click on them to view team members, value, and more.

We've decided to add some Gang updates to make it more fun and useful. You can now duel other Gangs through the updated Gangs menu.

This is the new Gangs menu. It has a bed to teleport to your Gang island, a new feature we've decided to implement. Each Gang with a configurable island size will get their own Gang island. It cannot participate in island top and does not have any rank or value. It cannot be reset, and certain blocks cannot be placed. You can use the island to build creatively, and we have some cool updates coming to make more use of the Gangs island.

You can use the Enderchest to view the Leaderboards. Your island size is dependent on your leaderboard position. You can use the skull to view island members and kick them if you have the appropriate permissions. The repeater is for disbanding your gang.

The sword, however, is used for Gang Wars. Clicking it will open the below menu.

Red banners represent losses, green represents a win. You can duel gangs with /gang duel name.

These Gang updates may not be here for release and may come early into the reset, but we should have them here near release, so build up your Gang members!

We've given a refresh to the Tags menu. It now looks like the below image and is much cleaner and easier to navigate. You can use the arrow to navigate between pages.

The anvil is for a new feature we're introducing, custom tags. You can receive custom tag tokens by purchasing them on the store or winning them in crates/packages. Custom tag tokens allow you to create your own, personal tag. You can choose the colour of this tag and can activate/deactivate it at any point.

If you're caught using inappropriate words or using your tags to break the rules, it will be taken off of you with no warning, no refund, and you may be banned/punished.

Mining World
Mining World was one of the first updates ever introduced. We've tried, multiple times, to make it worthwhile and useful. We've struggled. That's why we've made some major changes that completely change Mining World.

The Boat will take you to the Mining World automatically. You can leave at any point by just doing /spawn or /island. You can use the rocket to access what we're calling Enhancements. Enhancements allow users to receive perks and benefits whilst in the Mining World, such as more money per mined ore, potion effects, and more. You can purchase these using your money and can only have a maximum of two enhancements active at one time. List of Enhancements and a picture of the menu can be found below.

  • Vein Miner (Mine an entire vein of ore at once, it will all be sold at the same time)
  • Capitalist (Chance to multiply money received on ore mine)
  • Bolt (Receive Speed whilst in the Mining World)
  • Heatproof (Receive Fire Resistance whilst in the Mining World)
  • Headtorch (Receive Night Vision whilst in the Mining World)
  • Kangaroo (Receive Jump Boost whilst in the Mining World)
  • Flight (Be able to fly in the Mining World)
  • Shockwave (Mine a 3x3x3 area in the Mining World)
  • Luck (Have a chance to receive a rare item when you mine ore)
  • Invincible (Don't take any damage whilst in the Mining World)
Mining World is now free to access, and you can access it at any point, instead of having to wait to buy a ticket. The Mining World will have high volumes of ores and you now bring your own pickaxes/items. There are also meteors and supply drops that will supply users with random loot whilst they're venturing around the world.

With this change, we've also changed the regular Mine to be an Experience Mine instead of an ore mine.

We've heavily changed the economy. Each realm now has a different economy, with some being slightly different than others and some being completely different.
  • Western is now a farming economy.
  • Space is now a spawner economy.
  • Jurassic is now a mixed economy.
  • Kingdom is now a mixed economy (more gold related).
    • Mystic is now a mixed economy.
With the economy changes, we've tried to balance things out more. We've implemented new changes other than just the shop changes, such as crate modifications, package modifications, loot drop modifications and more to ensure that each realm has a different experience than others.

Player Options and Balance Updates
One request we've had in the past is for automatic balance updates in chat from void chests/hoppers. Whilst we know that not everybody enjoys this, we decided to make it an optional setting. Once we had done this, we figured that we could modify a lot of settings to make them customizable depending on the user's preferences.

  • The book toggles incoming/sending chat messages.
  • The skull toggles private messages.
  • The sign toggles the scoreboard.
  • The wool toggle friend requests.
  • The book and quill toggle balance notifications.
  • The iron door toggles vote broadcasts.
  • The repeater can be used to reset your settings to default.

Custom enchantments weren't great. So we've decided to re-implement them with our own twist. Introducing Runes, a new feature designed to make custom enchantments that are useful to the Skyblock experience.

Rune Scrolls are a type of paper that you receive. You will receive a Rune scroll that looks like the below image. It works a bit like an enchanted book, however, you simply click it on to the item you’d like to apply it to.

The meta for each individual scroll is configurable. Certain scrolls should only be applicable to certain item types. For example, Thaw is exclusive to pickaxes, axes, and spades. There will be a list of all the runes later on in the document.

You can purchase Runes through the Runes menu. You can buy a category book, of which there are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. You purchase the books using experience levels, and it will give you a random Rune Scroll of the said tier.

List of Runes
Thaw: Automatically smelt all mined materials (Applicable: Pickaxe, Axe, Spade)
Enliven: Receive the Haste effect as you mine (Applicable: Pickaxe, Axe, Spade)
Accelerate: Receive Speed as mine/attack (Applicable: Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Spade)
Auto Sell: Automatically sell items as you mine (Applicable: Pickaxe, Axe, Spade)
Blasting: Randomly explode as you mine (Applicable: Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Spade)
Mending: As you gain XP, it’ll repair (Applicable: Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Spade, Armor)
Boost: Receive a lot more XP as you mine (Applicable: Pickaxe)
Jackpot: On top of Fortune, multiply ores mined (Applicable: Pickaxe, Axe, Spade)
Transfuse: Chance to turn ores mined to better ore (Applicable: Pickaxe, Axe, Spade)
Hunter: Chance to drop the skull of the user you kill. (Applicable: Sword, Bow)
Strike: Chance to strike lighting when arrow lands (Applicable: Bow)
Crush: Chance to deal double damage on a player (Applicable: Bow)
Gravitating: Chance to take no fall damage (Applicable: Boots)
Revenge: Chance to cause an explosion on death (Applicable: Armour)

We've decided to get rid of Monthly Crates, Treasure Chests, and Mega Charges and replace them with different types of Packages. Packages are a really cool, different crate that you can open. There's a nice animation and it's pretty awesome.

You click on one of the chests, and you get a random reward. You only get one reward per package, so we've decided to sell them in larger quantities. We've got a few different tiers, which are listed below.
  • Limited Edition 2.0 Package
  • Elite Package
  • Divine Package
  • Supreme Package
You can also purchase bundles of these, similar to what you did before. You can, of course, win things like ranks, keys, shards, fly, perks, and other rare items from Packages.

Crate Changes
We've completely revamped all of the crates and their rewards. Vote and Drop Party keys are much better and are worth opening, and Basic keys are much better too. We've also added a bunch of new rewards to Advanced, Parkour, Gambler, Legendary and Dropper crates.

To note, we've also added a /crate list command to view all of your keys in a text form. You can also open three keys at once on Vote/Drop Party keys by using your scroll wheel/middle-click button. Additionally, we've got a whole new set of parkour and dropper maps to be explored.

We've added a new generator the, Random. The random generator will generate you all kinds of blocks such as end portal frames but of course, at a reduced rate.

One other thing we've added is Generator Grades. You can use these to "level up" your Generators. They need to have the maximum page/charms of that level to use a grade to level it up. There is a maximum of three Grades on each generator. The higher the grade, the bigger the collection area, the bigger the build, and the more pages that can be added. At grade three, you can automatically sell items in your Generator.

Gamble Additions (Crate Key and Hilo)
We've decided to add two new types of Gambling, Hilo and Key Gamble! You can duel another player in Hilo to see who can guess the most correct higher/lower numbers wins the wager amount. As for crate key gambling, it's basically a crate key jackpot. You enter the amount of crate keys you'd like to enter and it'll select your odds based off of the value of the pot, and the value of keys you enter. The winner takes all of the keys. These can be accessed with /hilo or /crates jackpot.

End Game
The End isn't used in Skyblock. We wanted to change that, introducing End Game. The End is now always open for combat, and the End Game will randomly run. It is an event in which, the Ender Dragon will spawn and you will be challenged with fighting him.

The Gang that does the most damage to the Ender Dragon will receive wins the reward. It will be given to the Gang leader. It will broadcast in chat. If the dragon doesn't die after 30 minutes, it will be automatically despawned.

There's also Supply Drops that spawn in the End on a timed period. These contain rare loot and will broadcast in chat.

Other Modifications
We've made a lot of changes that we can't write full paragraphs on, so here's a short list with previously unmentioned important changes that we've made.
  • Completely revamped the server messages from scratch, should be much cleaner
  • No more ugly, spammy 90% off sale messages (we're no longer doing 90% off sales)
  • Buycraft packages should be given on the server almost instantly
  • You can place tiered hoppers underneath player shops
  • Added a /helpop command for users to request assistance or ask questions to staff in-game
  • Hopper menu has been removed
  • Completely revamped and added more items into the points shop
  • Mob coins shop has been removed
  • Cosmetics and tags you receive from crates are now on paper
  • Entities and mob stacks will now be in-sync and will clear once every 5 minutes
  • You can now talk in chat with quotation marks ("like this") and Spanish characters
  • KOTH is no longer cappable in other places
  • Ridiculous amount of "behind the scenes" and performance enhancements
  • Cooldown on your Sell Wand and a notification on screen with money received
  • Enderpearl cooldown is displayed on your action bar
  • Multiblock Pickaxes no longer break mob spawners
  • You can view your top position on the /is top menu
  • Bigger fast place levels have been introduced
  • Introduced a new Anticheat to help prevent cheaters
  • The new tutorial area has been introduced
  • New quests have been added to the server
  • Well, of course, be getting new YouTubers on the server over the next few weeks
  • Tier 4 hoppers now exist and have a toggleable auto sell function and an item filter mode
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Good job guys!


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When is the server opening?


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Alot of new changes


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does anti-cheater measures mean we cant use forge and printer to build stuff with?


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I like the changes, see you all on the opening!!!


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Can you be more specific about the changes to pets? For something that you expect people to pay real money for, the descriptions have always been extremely lacking in details.

You seriously need to drop the Walmart name and change the names of the Hulk/Flash bosses. You're just begging for big money lawyers to shut you down for making money off of the trademarks of others.

Can you be specific about which of the Runes and other enchantments are supposed to work with minions?

Is island value based off of the buy price of the blocks, the sell price, or something different? Some blocks only have a buy price or a sell price.

Is sponge disabled for regular cobble generators?

Is PVP enabled in the End?

Are messages from the End, KOTH, and other stuff like that toggleable yet?


This looks incredible, keep up the good work!


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The minion description here says that gen mode is automatically unlocked with the minion, but you're selling minion mining mode upgrades in the shop. Which one is correct?

The Farm mode upgrade for minions in the shop says that you're farm has to look a specific way, but the description here says that it's just based on a radius that is expandable with minion level. Which is correct?

The generator descriptions in the shop are unreadable.


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I am in awe of the work. Great Job guys. Can't wait to play and start recording again. :)


Wow you guys really have been busy ……..can't wait to try some of the new things out ...… especially love the sound of the new mining world...so much to try out. Thank you :d


The Update Look Very Good and good Job on The Team For Making This Update Possible - From Vipin


Great job guys looking forward to this. Along with the new fast place levels, the random generator looks cool.


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when will we be able to get on the server to start playing because its saying that the queue manager is currently offline cuz i cant wait to get on to play again Especially the new kit pvp