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Saga Perms


Hello dear Minesaga community

I have talked with a couple other high ranks as my self who is saga about giving saga permission to fp 1-5 instead of 1-3.

I believe it should be done cause if you look on the saga's description it says your the top rank you should get the best, but is there rly such a big difference between saga and legend, not rly you get kit treasure and a 300 hopper ext.

Im therefore suggensting that saga should get fastplace 1-5

IGN: ItzChr1ll3r


Active member
I personally don’t have Saga or Legend but I was considering buying it, but I turned away because I as a cowboy already have half of the stuff Saga has. Personally I think there should be a lot more changed about the rank besides adding just this to give the rank more variety. Or, if they don’t have anything different to add, drop the price of the rank as a whole.


Well-known member
i don't have saga but i agree that saga's should get the best that they can, and stuff thats included with legend


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
Adding perks to ranks is unfair to those that bought this in addition. It will not be added.