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Hey everyone.

This post contains all the details regarding Prison. We've worked hard to make sure Prison is the best experience it can be, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed making it.

Also, we're hosting a competition where the first person to Prestige 10 wins $150 cash!

Anyway, here's to the content!

We've got some awesome new mines and an epic new spawn made. I've put some pictures below.

Merge into one Prison
We've decided to merge both realms into one combined Prison realm. This makes it easier to maintain, update, and means there'll be more players on the one instance. In order to do so, we had to make some merges with ranks.

Ultra ---> Convict
Hero ---> Hustler
Titan ---> Burglar
Elite ---> Warden
Epic ---> Epic

If you have any issues with this, please email [email protected] and be very specific with your issue.

Walmart/Auction House
Something we've had in the works/planned for a while is a revamp to the Auction House plugin that we're using, which we decided to call Walmart. This was delayed and delayed, but we're finally ready to show you guys with the new resets!

As can be seen, by above, we've split the Auction House into several categories to make it easier for what you're looking for/what you want to see. The categories are listed below.
  • Blocks
  • Spawners
  • Enchanted Books
  • Ores
  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Armour
  • Farming
  • Rares
  • Other
If you click on one of the categories, you can view all the items listed just as before.

So here's an example of the Spawners category and an item listed by Gullible. You can see that the item has a BIN price, meaning that you can automatically "Buy It Now" for the price listed. This is the way auctions currently work on the server. However, in order to make it feel more like an actual auction, we've implemented a Bid feature.

This is an example of an item with a Bid price. Sebastian has already bid $120, so the next I can bed is $121 as the Bid increment is set at $1. I can do so by clicking on the item. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction expiring wins.

We've also implemented another really cool feature that allows you to search for items in the Auction House if it gets cluttered. Going back to the main menu, you can click the nametag to search for a random item through this sign interface.

Then, it's as simple as typing, clicking done, and seeing the results! They'll appear on a menu just like all the other listings. That was a lot to unpack, but there's one more thing: how to start an auction. You do this by typing /ah create whilst holding the item. It will open up this menu.

This is where you select from Bid, BIN, or Bid with increments. You're then asked to enter a price in a sign menu just like search.. and boom! Your item is up on the Auction House/Walmart ready to be purchased! You can collect your items and cancel auctions in the profile area in the main menu.

We've given a refresh to the Tags menu. It now looks like the below image and is much cleaner and easier to navigate. You can use the arrow to navigate between pages.

The anvil is for a new feature we're introducing, custom tags. You can receive custom tag tokens by purchasing them on the store or winning them in crates/packages. Custom tag tokens allow you to create your own, personal tag. You can choose the colour of this tag and can activate/deactivate it at any point.

If you're caught using inappropriate words or using your tags to break the rules, it will be taken off of you with no warning, no refund, and you may be banned/punished.

We've heavily changed the economy. We wanted to make sure that the server was challenging, yet still fun to play. We feel that we've accomplished that with the balance and economy updates that we've done. We've changed certain sell/rankup prices and the composition of mines.

Crate Changes
We've completely revamped all of the crates and their rewards. Vote and Drop Party keys are much better and are worth opening, and Basic keys are much better too. We've also added a bunch of new rewards to Advanced, Parkour, Gambler, Legendary and Dropper crates.

To note, we've also added a /crate list command to view all of your keys in a text form. You can also open three keys at once on Vote/Drop Party keys by using your scroll wheel/middle-click button. Additionally, we've got a whole new set of parkour and dropper maps to be explored.

Gamble Additions (Crate Key and Hilo)
We've decided to add two new types of Gambling, Hilo and Key Gamble! You can duel another player in Hilo to see who can guess the most correct higher/lower numbers wins the wager amount. As for crate key gambling, it's basically a crate key jackpot. You enter the amount of crate keys you'd like to enter and it'll select your odds based off of the value of the pot, and the value of keys you enter. The winner takes all of the keys. These can be accessed with /hilo or /crates jackpot.

Other Modifications
We've made a lot of changes that we can't write full paragraphs on, so here's a short list with previously unmentioned important changes that we've made.
  • Completely revamped the server messages from scratch, should be much cleaner
  • No more ugly, spammy 90% off sale messages (we're no longer doing 90% off sales)
  • Buycraft packages should be given on the server almost instantly
  • Added a /helpop command for users to request assistance or ask questions to staff in-game
  • Completely revamped and added more items into the points shop
  • Cosmetics and tags you receive from crates are now on paper
  • You can now talk in chat with quotation marks ("like this") and Spanish characters
  • Ridiculous amount of "behind the scenes" and performance enhancements
  • Enderpearl cooldown is displayed on your action bar
  • Introduced a new Anticheat to help prevent cheaters
  • Well, of course, be getting new YouTubers on the server over the next few weeks
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What if you already have a rank on both ? Is there a giftcard?