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Prison Release


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Hey everyone! 👋

I'm here today to reveal our official reset of the Prison realm! 🦸‍♂️

We've been working hard for the last few months on ensuring that Prison gameplay was up to the standard that we expect, and we finally believe we've done so and we can't wait to share it with everyone!

If you are new and don't know what Prison is, here's a brief rundown: Prison is our Prison and Skyblock crossover server. It features many key elements of a Prison server (i.e rankups, mines, pickaxe upgrades) and many key elements from Skyblock, such as the ability to create and customise your own island/cell.

What's new to the Prison realm? 🧐

We've decided to ultimately add almost all of the new content we've added in our last major update (MS3) to Prison. This means that it'll have things such as dungeons, machines, monthly crates, and almost everything else that has been implemented.

However, there are a few features, such as the nether and achievements that we simply can't implement due to contrasting features on Prison.

To clarify, certain crops and mobs have a chance to drop coins/gems and rare mineral blocks.

It'll seem very similar to how it was before, however it is refined, polished, and has more competition.

You mentioned before that Herbal and Prison were merging. How will that work? 🌵

Good question! Prison will now have a mixed economy, supporting both spawners and farming.

Herbal was unpopular due to the fact that besides the economy, the two realms were so similar. Hopefully, with us merging these two, it should make the realm more popular and thriving.

If you had a rank or a perk (fly, auto sell, etc) on Herbal, we've automatically transferred it to the equivalent on Prison. If you had a rank on both servers, please email us at [email protected] with payment details (including transaction ID) for us to give you a gift card of the amount you are owed.

What will the cash prizes be? 🤑

Prison will now offer the same cash prizes as the other Skyblock realms. This means that the top cells at the end of the week will receive the same rewards as Jurassic, Space, Western, Mystic and Kingdom.

🥇 First Place: $150/week (PayPal)
🥈 Second Place: $75/week (Store Credit)
🥉 Third Place: $50/week (Store Credit)
🎖 Fourth Place: $15/week (Store Credit)
🎖 Fifth Place: $10/week (Store Credit)

Just like usual, these winners will be picked on a Saturday and announced in our Discord shortly thereafter.

When is Prison releasing? ⏰

This is the best part! We're releasing the server on...

Saturday, 9th of November at 2:00 PM EST
(You can find this in your timezone by searching the time in Google)​

We hope to see you all on for the Prison reset! If you've got any questions, ask them in our Discord or in the comments.

Additionally, we're running a giveaway on our Twitter! Click here to see the tweet with more details.

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Good Job! The only thing that I dont like are the cell top rewards. I think the rewards from last season were way better

Wqles :/

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I think I had the fourth rank on herbal but I don’t have transaction ID. Anything I can do?


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Why does the server like giving money to Dupestation? HMMMM