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Prison Realm | $1,250 Weekly Rewards


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Hello everyone!

It is time to announce the release date of our latest project, the Prison realm. We have been working practically non-stop on this for almost a month now to allow us to give you the best product we could possibly offer. We have been beta testing with our staff team over the last few days and will be opening beta testing up to Saga and Legend ranks tomorrow so we can fix any issues they come across before we launch.

Skyblock can be boring at times, especially as you get further through the season and you are waiting for a realm to reset, so we have decided that this would be the perfect combat to that to allow you to always have something to do... and to of course compete for much bigger cash prices.

We are so excited to open this up to you guys and allow you to experience our version, and what we think is the perfect crossover between Skyblock and Prison.

Saturday 4th of May, at 2:00 PM EDT
(You can find this in your timezone by searching in Google)​

Similar to Skyblock, or any other competitive gametype, the idea is to be the best to gain the biggest rewards. Level up your cell to achieve the highest valued cell on the server. Cell value can be achieved from mining or through farming but also many other different methods. Level up your pickaxes to give you different abilities and level up your spawners to drop you different items.

Our lovely friend Resilience has made us a trailer. It gives you a small rundown as to what you can expect on the server and we will be using it to advertise with over the next week. You can view the trailer below.

We want the rewards to be big, so we've gone ahead and done that! We also wanted to not just give the top 5 cells a reward, but the top 10 instead... so we've done that too. Below is a list of the rewards you get for being on top of cell top every week.

One major change to this realm to any other realm we have done is that it is not just the top cell that will get a PayPal reward so make sure you read it carefully!
  • First Place: $250 PayPal and $200 Store
  • Second Place: $150 PayPal and $125 Store
  • Third Place: $100 PayPal and $100 Store
  • Fourth Place: $50 PayPal and $75 Store
  • Fifth Place: $75 Store
  • Sixth to Tenth Place: $25 Store
This is the biggest set of rewards we have EVER given away on any MineSaga server to this date so we hope you enjoy competing for these.

As this is a new server, I have included a list of features for you so you understand exactly what is going on.

Coins are a new concept to Prison. Coins can be gained from Envoys, Crates and from Mobs when they are killed. Coins can be used in /coins shop to purchase things you may need including cell value blocks but also more spawners. You can withdraw coins and sell them at player shops using /coins withdraw <amount>.

Exactly the same as all our other servers, prison will have events which you can partake in using /events.

Backpacks can be gained from crates and packages. Right clicking on them will allow you to store items in there, a bit like a player vault.

Experience Shop
A little different on here. The experience shop can be used to purchase mob coins. Mob coins are used to level up spawners. Information on what happens with leveling up spawners will come later through this post however you can no longer buy xpkeys.

This is obviously our main prison plugin. On the scoreboard, it will tell you your rank. It will also tell you the percentage you are through to ranking up. Executing /ranks will show you all the ranks available. The higher the rank you get, the better the mines become and the higher prices of blocks sell for allowing you to make more money. Once you have reached the top rank, you can prestige with /prestige and you will reset back to the first rank again but you will have (P1) after your name in chat.

Cells and Cell Permissions
Users will now have a cell, similar to an island on Skyblock. The commands are exactly the same, just /cell instead of /island. You will still be able to give your cell mates different permissions exactly the same as you can in Skyblock. You will only have 1 cell to choose from rather than the 3 islands you have on Skyblock.

Delivery Man
Delivery Man is the same concept as Skyblock however the rewards have changed. Most rewards will contain spawners which you will want to make sure you are collecting daily. As usual, you will have to have your account synced with our Discord to use it.

As I said, as you rank up, you will get a different rank shop which will allow you to sell different items and at a higher sell price. You can sell your items by clicking on the NPC at your mine, or with the command /sellall. Any blocks you mine in your rank mine will automatically be added to your inventory. You can purchase autosell from our store and use /autosell to toggle this on and off.

Multipliers can be gained through ranks or things like vote parties & outpost. You can view your multipliers that you have active with /multipliers. Multipliers will cap at 5x.

Bombs can be gained from crates and coins shop. Throw them into a mine and they will explode giving you the items they break. There are different types of bombs from Chicken bombs to air strikes.

Outpost will give your whole Cell a 1.5x multiplier.

When in a mine, you will receive the ability to fly.

Gangs are exactly the same as Skyblock however you will have a cell instead of an island. Use this by doing /gang cell.

Personal Mines
These are a bit different to anything you have seen before. You can purchase different size mines from small to large in a range of different blocks. However, they will only last for a month so you will need to subscribe to the package if you wish to keep it once the month is up.

While holding your pickaxe, shift and right click and it will bring up a menu. The menu shows you the abilities that exist and the ones you have unlocked but also shows you ones on cool down. You can level up your pickaxe tier by simply mining. When the pickaxe gets a tier, it will display it on your pickaxe. To activate an ability once unlocked, simply click on the correct icon.

Pickaxes with a higher tier also have a higher chance of finding mine crates.

Tier 1: 1,000 Blocks mined
Tier 2: 50,000 Blocks mined
Tier 3: 100,000 Blocks mined
Tier 4: 200,000 Blocks mined
Tier 5: 300,000 Blocks mined
Tier 6: 400,000 Blocks mined
Tier 7: 500,000 Blocks mined
Tier 8: 600,000 Blocks mined
Tier 9: 700,000 Blocks mined
Tier 10: 800,000 Blocks mined
Tier 11: 1,000,000 Blocks mined
Tier 12: 1,500,000 Blocks mined
Tier 13: 2,500,000 Blocks mined
Tier 14: 5,500,000 Blocks mined
Tier 15: 10,500,000 Blocks mined
Tier 16: 15,000,000 Blocks mined
Tier 17: 20,000,000 Blocks mined
Tier 18: 50,000,000 Blocks mined
Tier 19: 75,000,000 Blocks mined
Tier 20: 100,000,000 Blocks mined

These will appear when you mine. They will contain a bunch of gems. You can find a range of different crates from Common to Legendary.

Spawner Upgrades
Spawner Upgrades are now a big part of this server. There are 4 types of spawners. Pigmen, Creeper, Villager and Iron Golems. Each spawner will drop different blocks that will automatically be sold to your rank shop with tools like tiered hoppers or void chests etc. If you do not have the shop unlocked for the blocks they drop, store the blocks and sell them to player shops.

Spawners will also drop gems and coins so this is a great way to gain gems to level up your pickaxe. The higher the upgrade, the more expensive the blocks will be that drop and the higher the percentage chance of gems and coins dropping will get.

Player Shops
Exactly the same as Skyblock, players can create shops on their cells for users to sell things to. Use this to your advantage to gain money from those users that wish to sell the blocks they get from their spawners to other players shops as they do not have access to sell it themselves.

Probably the main feature of this server is gems. Your gems balance will show on the scoreboard but can also be seen with /gems. You can pay gems to people with /gems pay <name> <amount>. You can also withdraw gems with /gems withdraw <amount>.

Gems will be found while mining and also from mob drops.

Doing /enchants when holding a pickaxe will bring up the gems menu. There are a bunch of enchants you can add to your pickaxe. Clicking the book will allow you to purchase that level enchant for your pickaxe. If the book is not enchanted then your pickaxe already has the max level. Below is a list of what all the enchants do.

  • Efficiency will speed up your pickaxe. (Max Level 500)
  • Fortune will give your pickaxe a chance to drop an extra block of the one it mined. The higher the level, the higher the chance. (Max Level 500)
  • Speed will give you the speed effect whilst holding the pickaxe. (Max Level 4)
  • Leap will give you the jump effect whilst holding the pickaxe. (Max Level 5)
  • Haste will give you the haste effect whilst holding the pickaxe. (Max Level 4)
  • Jackhammer will give you a chance to mine out the whole of the layer of mine you are currently mining. (Max Level 20)
  • Explosive will give you a chance to break blocks around you in an explosion while you mine. (Max Level 20)
  • Luck will increase your chance of finding a mine crate. (Max Level 10)
  • Gems increases the chance of you finding gems while mining. (Max Level 5)
  • Double has a chance to double the sell price of the item you sell with autosell. (Max Level 10)

There are 2 different generators, a cell value generator, and a gems generator. They are quite straight forward and can be leveled up exactly the same as Skyblock.

Cell value
Cell value comes from 3 different blocks, hay, sponge and end frames. Place these in your cell and use the command /blockstack to stack them exactly the same as Skyblock.

Minions have had some modes removed and one big change to the sell mode. When the spawners drop blocks, you will not be able to sell them unless you have access to the shop that the blocks sell in. This means that you will need to sell them to other people. What sell mode will do is it will automatically sell any blocks that enter it (that have a sell shop) but for a 10% cheaper price than the actual shop offers.

This will allow you to automatically sell them without having to make a lot of trips to people players personal shops to sell the blocks that you do not have access to sell.

Similar plugins to Skyblock
  • Cosmetics
  • Voting
  • Higher or Lower
  • Gambling
  • Booster Items
  • Tags
  • Player Vaults
  • /shop
  • Bank Notes
  • Walmart
  • Private Chests
  • Crates
  • Bosses
  • MobArena
  • Creatures
  • VoidChests, Tier Hoppers
There will also be others not listed here, It's a combo between both remember!

Make sure you look over our rules again. Some rules will not apply to this server so make sure you check.

As I said previously, we have our trailer that we will be using to advertise this launch. If you would like to upload the trailer yourself,
please visit https://minesaga.org/resources and follow the instructions. We would really appreciate it if you could help spread the word of this launch as we have put a lot of effort into this.

You will also be seeing some familiar faces around the Prison realm and some YouTubers may be returning that were there right from day one... We look forward to watching some of their content as they explore the realm.

We have a completely new set of builds for this realm. Including brand new mines which are different themed Prison characters. We also have a brand new cell which you will spawn in.

Below is a picture of our spawn with Iron Man flying about!

To celebrate the launch of this realm, we will be doing a big giveaway where you could be one of three winners. Retweet the tweet linked below and follow MineSaga on twitter and you will be entered. It is as simple as that.

We really hope you enjoy this realm. I think you will have a lot of fun figuring out how to play and exploring the new content we have for you. We have released the Store for the Prison realm so if you would like to check that out and make any purchases before it opens feel free: https://shop.minesaga.org/

Make sure you are there on Saturday and waiting for the launch so make sure you are in the queue as we expect there to be a massive turn out for this realm.

Thank you all for the support since 2.0 and now let's take over this gamemode now like we have Skyblock.

If you have missed our launch date...

Saturday 4th of May, at 2:00 PM EDT
(You can find this in your timezone by searching in Google)​
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New member
Sounds Great!

Im concerned whether that ,like other servers , there are going to be overpowered mines simply for owning a donator rank

this ruins the balance of prison IMO


New member
Hi, two questions:
will we be able to use minions in our personal mines?
can we purchase ranks and items for marvel server now or should we wait for it to start?
(i know there is a tab in shop for marvel just don't know if we can make purchases there yet.)


Active member
i am very hyped for the release of this realm although sadly i can't play it till the day after so we'll see how much catching up i'll have to do. :p