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Denied PotatoGaming99's Punishment Appeal

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Minecraft Username PotatoGaming99

Punisher xSpacey

Why Hacking ( Fly )

Revoked https://www.minesaga.org/threads/potatogaming99s-punishment-appeal.27544/

I am so sorry i lied in that one. I just got mad because earlier that day i broke my phone. I got mad and i became selfish quickly. I wanted to get those 30$ for me. I am so sorry again.

Platform Minecraft

Appeal Ban

Discord SingleGamer#3833


Well-known member

You were told on your last appeal to wait to weeks to reapply, however, it has only been about 2 days. You may reapply 2 weeks from now on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019. Ignorance of your reapply date will lead to another denial of the ban appeal.
Not open for further replies.