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Accepted Popstopdash's Staff App

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Moderation Team
Staff member
Minecraft Username Popstopdash

Age 13

Timezone IST (Israel Standard Time)

Country Israel

Realm Activity When I first joined the server i started playing kingdom, I was playing mystic as well but I was only building planes there, I was playing kingdom for 2 seasons before my current team (reminiscense) switched from Kingdom to Western so I started. I would also like to add that I'm very active on the forums and on the Discord server

Activity As of right now, I will be able to pour lots of hours into MineSaga because of the 2nd lockdown in Israel which will start from wednesday (16/09/2020)
I wake up at 08:00 and usually stay up on the computer untill 23:00 - 1:00 but obviously I will take short breaks every now and then

Experience At the moment, I do not have any staffing experiences, however I do have an experience that I would like to talk about, being an Air Traffic Controller (or in short, ATC) in Flight Simulators, you may ask me, what does being an ATC has to do with staffing on minecraft servers? to that question i may answer, being an ATC isnt as easy as it sounds, it requires good communication skills, awareness of your surrounding traffic, good knowledge and patience. Definetly one of the best experiences that I had enountered yet.
I would also like to address my good knowledge of computers and other related stuff to computers, I belive that this is important because i've encountered many players that had problems with minecraft and other stuff that is related and some that are not related, my knowledge could help a lot to players that are having problems with stuff like console clients, schematica etc.

Explain Why do I want to become a staff member?
MineSaga is one of the greatest communities that I met throughout my "gaming adventure", i've met a lot of cool, nice and helpful people in this community, usually people would treat me like trash in other communities because of me being a 'non' but MineSaga's community was the opposite, helpful, nice and amazing! I also like helping out people that require assistance and overall, I enjoy playing on this server

I'm a very trustworthy person, I never lie, I never scammed anyone and I always tell the truth, I have good knowledge of scams as I was scammed a few times long ago. It was a good lesson that will definetly stick with me for long. Many times people have put a lot of trust on me and I never gave up on them/backstabbed them, I would just simply never do that.

I'm a calm person, being calm is very important in my opinion as when youre calm you're doing things quicker and you're gonna enjoy them more, when you're mad, you can say stuff that you didnt mean to say or hurt someone unintentionally, lose track of what youre doing and maybe even give up, I've experienced that when building some of my aircraft models, when I was angry I was just doing them very slow and sometimes forget what I needed to glue or in some other models what and where to screw it, I just left everything for tomorow and built them way faster than before. I remain calm most of the times and it could be quite the challenge to annoy me unless I'm in a bad mood.

I'm a person that never gives up on anything, if I have a goal I will try my best at accomplishing it. I've had many difficult goals in the past but I never gave up on them, I worked hard on accomplishing them and it worked! definetly worth the hard work.

I respect everyone, doesn't matter who they are, what they are and what their opinion is, I always listen to the opinion that the other person has, and sometimes even agree with it, I dont want anyone to feel disrespected/hated because of their opinion/race/accent/country that they are coming from, it happened to me a lot and I dont want anyone to experience that.

I feel like im good with communicating with people and understanding them even if they have a broken english as ive been in this spot, I'm a very shy person but I try to get hold of myself and not be quiet as i usually am, I sometimes like just being alone and vibing to some music that I usually listen to but thats usually after a long and tiring day but when I get bored or a friend wants to play with me I just end my so called silent session.

I may not be the most mature person but I try to stay as mature as I can, I dont throw offensive/disrespectful jokes around as I dont like them, I may have sworn a lot in the past but I'm willing to change for good as I myself think that I'm swearing way too often, I feel like I have some stuff to change for the good and I will be working on doing so.

In conclusion:
I think that I will be a perfect fit for the staff team on MineSaga, I love helping people out when they require assistance and helping the community.
As for my old staff app, I feel like I have improved this one a lot, if you feel like I could improve my app somehow please message me on the forums or dm me on discord popydash#3551

Thanks for reading my app, have a great day!


Well-known member
+1 if u get staff tho i will be sad i will miss those days when we used to mess around in the discord but good luck!


Staff Manager
Staff member
Senior Administrator

Your application has been accepted and you have moved on to the interview stage. You will receive more information shortly via our forums Inbox!
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