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Please make a faster way to spend xp in the xp shop.

So my suggestion is. You can spend 1x xp which is 1500xp. 10x xp which is 15000xp and 100x xp which is 150000xp.


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Lemme say it for Gullible cause he may not have in on his ctrl + v at the time reviewing it

It's not being changed.


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They're working on more add-ons for mob Coins so that's a plus.,... Suggest somethin for XP
has been suggested tons of times and it has always been denied
read the closed threads (at least the first page) before making a thread as i could have already been accepted/denied
+ at this point its just a waste of staffs time
honestly think you should take down the thread, Gullible is probaly getting really sick of this suggestion that he's denied many times