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So I've been thinking on how to improve the server and I came up with ideas.

Space: Why not make some adventure where you can go on spaceships finding planets, asteroids etc. This could give rewars by completing missions, maybe like killing a monster from a different planet, or protecting the earth[MineSaga] from an asteroid. [bring your own set][need to move atleast]

Jurassic: I think we could make a special map with trees[jungle typo] and we can make it interesting for the players typo jurassic park, maybe add a boss that will give rewards, of course, make it so that everyone that joins the even has to hit the boss or they won't get a reward, I know players will be putting cc's on if this isn't added into the game mode. [bring your own set][need to hit the boss]

Kingdom: 2 kings with troops[us] fighting over who is the best, 2 divided teams that will fight, and we could have kits such as, knight, archer, protector, and so on. they got to protect and kill the other team's king to win the match, winners will get a reward. [need to move]

Mystic: Make a magical island, that has a secret path to the magical world, which would have a magical boss with his workers that will battle on the people, if you die, you lose whatever you have and you won't get a reward.[make sure you bring your own set][need to hit the boss]]

Western: Make a boss "The Sheriff" which people would have to kill in the western town, as said before [bring your own set and you have to hit the boss]

Prison: make a little adventure map where the miners would see the players as rich players and try attack them for cash because they are poor and don't get enough money to pay their houses. Players would have to take the miners down and escape on a rail cart to get their rewards.

Keffgamer: Gullible message me on discord ItzKeff#0664 I might be able to make the maps once I'm done with my comission.


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+1 The suggestion is nice and you’re a good builder too so I think you and Arches working together could make great maps together.