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Denied Navalank's Punishment Appeal

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Active member
Minecraft Username Navalank

Punisher Civolar

Why They said my console client was double posting for a week and actually i didn't noticed it it was reported to me and i thought it was fixed because there was no sign of me double posting while i was using my other account.

Revoked I wan't to get a chance to talk again and give me a chance. I've should have used it on my alt and i could not and noticed that i was not fixed and i want another chance. i will make sure this will not happen again because i will no longer do that on cc.

Platform Minecraft

Appeal Mute



Moderation Team
Staff member

You must wait atleast 14 days from when the punishment was issued before appealing.

You are able to appeal in 11h20mins from the time of this response.
Not open for further replies.