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MineSaga | Jurassic Reset


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Hello everyone,

Another week down, another reset comes by. This time our Jurassic realm. I love Jurassic and I know a lot of you do so this reset should be great fun and I would expect it to be one of the biggest resets we have. All of the changes you have seen on Space and Mystic will now be pushed here also so no one feels left out!

Make sure you read the reset post if you have not read any of the others however if you have, just make sure you have entered the giveaway and got the reset date noted down! Anyway, lets get on with the post.

The first reset of the month. Jurassic will be resetting on Saturday 1st at 2 PM EST. We expect to see a lot of players there. Jurassic has become one of our bigger realms as of recently with a lot of competition so we hope this reset can bring even more players back.


Another Twitter giveaway for you this time. This time we will be giving away the top rank on any realm to the person that wins. If you have thought of playing but you do not have a rank, this is your opportunity to win one! It is so simple. Make a twitter account, follow us and retweet the tweet below for a chance to win. Why wouldn't you?!

We have had some awesome Jurassic spawns in the past. These are my favorite spawns. Below is a few pictures of the spawn we will be using for this map, hope you like it!

Lots and lots of changes for this reset. This is our 3rd Skyblock reset and will bring this setup up to date with Mystic and Space. As I said in the opening, Jurassic has been a big realm for us since 3.0 with lots of competition and being one of our oldest realms, it is home to a lot of our old players. With these changes giving the server a more 1.0 type feel, it would be nice to see a lot of these players make a return.

Old Experience Keys
So many suggestions said that you wanted to see the old experience keys back, so we have done that. Rather than XP crates spawning the Arena, you will now need to redeem your experience in /xpshop in order to get experience keys. To prevent people autoclicking these crates massively on their islands, you will only be able to open the experience keys at spawn by clicking them at /warp crates.

We will be going back to a more 1.0 styled economy. The economy will be much slower and your top spawners will be Villagers and Iron Golems again. This will prevent users having millions and millions of spawners and will be a lot more manageable for most players. You will also see crops that need a more manual farming approach such as cane, melons etc become better than cactus.

A lot of people were saying make minions worth it again but could not give us any great ways to do this. We have however come up with a way to do this. When mobs are killed using the minions attack or attackall mode, the loot you get from that mob will be multiplied by 1.5x so essentially killing mobs with a minion will get you 50% more loot.

Limited Time Shop
Every now and then, a time sensitive shop will appear in the /shop menu. You can access this for however long it says in chat when it first becomes active. The shop will not give massive boosts but it may give you small discounts like Iron ingots that sell for 5% more or 5% off Island value blocks etc. It will not happen at a set time every day and will be completely random.

Global Quests
Every now and then, a title will appear on your screen giving you a quest to do such as "Mine 1,000 cobblestone". Every player on the realm you are on will receive this quest and the first person to complete it will get a reward.

People liked the changes with the Runes menu and how you could just buy the rune you wanted however it was way too easy to get a max set because you could just buy the top tier of each Rune. Now, you will still be able to chose the Rune that you want to buy however, you will not be able to pick the tier. You will have to just click on for example, the Revenge Rune book and see what tier it gives you. This will make it a lot harder for people to get top tier Runes.

So many of you asked for it, so we have now removed blockstacks. We are really not sure on this change and did not want to add it but it was by far the most suggested feature on the thread so, good luck!

Mob stacking
Back in the days where we had over 1,000 players on realm, we had to make some pretty drastic changes to allow us to accommodate for this many players. One of these changes was mob stacking. The changes we made had massive effects on peoples farms and didn't really allow you to have much control over them. With this reset, we are changing the way how our mob stacking works so stacks will not "merge" together as far away etc.

  • Tiered hoppers will be a lot less common from crates etc.
  • Dungeons have been heavily nerfed to stop them being the only way to win.
  • Sell portals will have a 1.5x multiplier but you will be limited to 3 per Island.
  • We have removed a lot of the useless spawners from the /shop.
  • Heavily increased redstone limits to allow you to make more redstone contraptions.
  • Increased the prices in the Arena to make it worth your time again.
  • Points will now be harder to find but will carry across resets.
  • The sword skill has been made a lot easier to level up.
  • Made some changes to the tutorial
  • Added /is mail <message>. Leader can send messages to all Island members when they login. Will expire after 24 hours.
  • Added /is notice <message>. This will be a static message all Island members get when they login.
  • Added in new code to prevent Machines and creatures mob multiplier stacking.
  • Added new code to prevent some more random boosters stacking.
  • When giving our Dungeon passes, the server will now ignore people that are not synced to Discord.
  • A few aesthetic changes to things like messages etc.
  • Nerfed the drop rates of sell wands.
  • Made a few changes to points shop.
  • Overall nerfed all crates, monthly crates, vaults etc to drop less spawners, money etc due to economy changes.
  • Less Dungeon passes will now be given out every hour.
  • Of course, removed the Christmas update.
  • Malls will be limited to 3 per person.
  • Malls tp command will now use the shop ID (/mall tp <id>).
  • Nerfed generators to be in line with the new economy.
  • Better chances of getting better blocks from cobble generators.
  • Increased prices of Island prestiges.
  • Max spawner stack of 250.
  • Max mob stack of 1000.
  • Monthly crates will give less spawners than Space.
  • Nerfed the ore mine a little to give you less hay and emerald blocks.

If you haven't seen the other reset posts, our prizes for island top have been slightly changed to make more people want to compete as we now offer PayPal money for both 1st and 2nd. Make sure you read this!
  • 1st: $100 PayPal and $50 Coupon
  • 2nd: $50 PayPal and $75 Coupon
  • 3rd: $50 Coupon
  • 4th: $15 Coupon
  • 5th: $10 Coupon
All prizes will be paid out weekly, there is no change there. Of course, if you win either 1st or 2nd, your PayPal prize can be switched out for a Giftcard if you wish to do so by setting your /is paypal to something like "coupon".

What will you keep?
Once again, there is no changes to what you will be keeping over reset. However, make sure you read the changes above as from this reset forward, points will be kept over reset unless we hit a ".0" in which they will be reset.
  • Ranks
  • Fly
  • Kits
  • Island Expansions
  • Hopper Expansions
  • Fast Place
  • Tags
  • Cosmetics
  • Creatures (Levels will be reset)
Good luck to everyone that is playing. Hope you all have a great season. Remember, if there are things that you don't like in this reset or any more changes you want to see then please let us know in a suggestions thread. We are not mind readers, we need you to speak up if you do not like something!

Other than that, have fun and enjoy!

Thanks guys,
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I will be back in force. Maybe not competing but will be promoting the server, streaming and recording...excited!


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great to see the player count going back over 1000