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MineSaga 3.0


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Hey everyone,

For the past few months, we’ve been working heavily on revamping the entire network. We’ve been hinting at this major update for the past few weeks, and we’re so glad to finally be able to share it.

Today, we’re introducing to you the next chapter of MineSaga, our v3 (aka 3.0) reset.


You can see our trailer on YouTube below. Make sure to like it and comment your Discord handle as we will be doing regular giveaways at like goals.


We will be giving away 2 Saga ranks on our Twitter page in celebration of our 3.0 reset. This will be one of many giveaways, so don't worry if you don't win! Make sure you do everything in the tweet below.


Yes! We’re finally bringing back Factions. Although, this time we’re going to be focusing on providing a server with a unique style and gameplay mechanics.

Our Factions server will be an RPG style server filled with a variety of unique content. There will, of course, be elements of base-building and raiding, however, it won’t be similar to what you’re used to seeing on other networks.

We’re not going to be releasing this along with 3.0, however, we will begin beta tests and player interaction testing over the next few weeks.


We’ve completely revamped our Skyblock server, with the aim of adding more mechanics and features, so it’s not just boring AFKing all day. We’ve written a fairly long document with details on our new features and mechanics, and we highly suggest you read it.

You can visit the document by clicking here.

If you’re not interested in reading the details of the new features, here’s just a list of a few:
  • Mall
  • Nether
  • Machines
  • Spawner/Farm Progression
  • Dungeons
  • Island Prestiges
  • Sell Portals
  • Realm Differentiations
  • Vaults
  • Monthly Crates
  • Achievements
On another note, here are some pictures of spawns from the realms.

We’re so excited about these changes and we truly believe that this new content will allow for hours of new, fresh content. On that note, we’re also going to be bringing in even better updates every two weeks - so there’s always something new to explore!

Experimental Skyblock

Experimental Skyblock is a new server on the network. It’s not just another Skyblock realm, instead, it’s a creative Skyblock server that allows you to test our farm and spawner designs, or just casually build your own island.

You are allowed to use basically any block, and can also access features such as tiered hoppers, sell portals, void chests, and more - so you can truly see how well your farm will perform via kits. Read the document linked below to ensure you have a good understanding of how Experimental will work.

Click here to view more details about Experimental Skyblock.

Experimental will also feature builder tools such as WorldEdit for Saga/Plus users and for those who vote on all three links. Saga/Legend/Plus users will also receive a larger island on Experimental to mess around with.

Classic Skyblock

It’s finally time for us to add a Vanilla Skyblock server to the network. We’ve worked hard to create what we think is the perfect classic experience and we’re excited to share it with you.

Classic Skyblock will not feature any custom content and will be set up to look like you have just logged into your Skyblock on a singleplayer world.

Click here to view more details on Classic Skyblock.

Classic Skyblock will not launch upon initial release but will be releasing in the near future. We’ve listed a lot more information about the game mode and exactly what you can expect in the document linked above.


There’s so many more changes that don’t directly fit in one of the above categories, so I’ve decided to make this miscellaneous section to include them all.

Discord Unsync
Yes, after many months of asking, we have added a way to unsync your Discord account. You can issue the command !unsync in discord or /unsync in-game and it will do this for you.

Forums and Rules
We’ve updated our Skyblock guides to make them more detailed, and to include the new content that we’ve released in this update. Also, we’ve changed our rules slightly, so we advise you to read up on them to ensure you’re acting within them. Lastly, we’ve changed the way you will make applications or appeals on our site. You’ll now be forced to follow the format as it will bring you up a form that you can fill in.

We’re going to be hosting weekly events with members of the staff team and administration/ownership team. These events will typically be at the weekend and could be anything from build competitions to minigames, karaoke nights.

There will be prizes! So make sure you’re always reading our Discord channel to see when we announce them.

We have set up a new Events server that can be accessed via our hub. This will be opened once a week where the event will take place or where all participants can come together and chat with each other.

We haven’t had many YouTubers on for a while now, and we plan on fixing this. With this reset, we’ll be introducing at least ten new creators on the server over the next month.

On that note, we also plan on trying new and alternative advertising methods, so expect a huge player boost soon!

Who would you like to see playing? Comment below!

Kits Closure
It’s no surprise we’ve had to do this. Kits was barely played, and whilst we believe it was a good server, it wasn’t worthwhile keeping it up when we could allocate those resources elsewhere.

If you had a rank or purchase on Kits, email us with proof and we’ll transfer it to a gift card.

Prison and Herbal Merge
We’re going to be merging the Prison and Herbal realms for this reset, purely due to the fact that both realms aren’t reaching player capacity and we believe that this is the best way to increase competition and keep the server active.

The economy will be a combination of both farming and spawners.

This realm will be launching in a few weeks from now, and will not be released alongside 3.0.

Ban Reset
We’re feeling nice, so we’re going to be resetting all bans unless it was a blacklist or was for chargeback. This will be done automatically prior to the release of 3.0.

On the topic of bans, we have also completely rewritten our bans plugin as our previous one was very limiting.

Rank Perks
It’s no lie that basically everyone has a rank at this point, due to the abundance of points (thank Gullible for his terrible idea of point spawners) so we’re going to be making Legend/Saga and the top rank on each realm more valuable with more perks and content, whilst ensuring it isn’t P2W or overpowered.

New Hub
As usual, we have tasked our amazing builder, Arches, to create a new hub. We’re going to be keeping the new hub under wraps as a surprise for when you first log in.

New Store Theme and New Graphics
We’ve decided to introduce some new graphics to keep things fresh. We’ve kept our logo, but have a fresh new profile picture and Twitter banner. We’ve also introduced a slightly new store theme, with clearer listing and a better-sorted system.

Additionally, here’s our new voting banner which will be used on server list sites.


We’ve finally got to the good bit, the release date. We’re going to be releasing on...

Saturday, 28th of September at 2:00 PM EST
(You can find this in your timezone by searching the time in Google)
As of the 21st, we plan on starting our beta period for Saga users. We’ll put more details about this in Discord. We also plan on letting Legend users on for the last few days of this.

We’ll be dropping the trailer on the 21st, so make sure you’re ready for it! We will also be dropping sneak peeks of our trailer, our changes and more throughout the course of the week. We also have a few giveaways planned!

We can’t wait to show you guys this. Hope to see you all on for the release of 3.0.
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Thank you so much for the amazing update! Looks awesome!


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The maps look amazing! A big thank you to everyone who participated with this!
Looks amazing like you really did put a ton of effort into this! (I know I’m not large but I would love to come back for another series on the server!) my YouTube: TeakIvy, my Discord: TeakIvy#0659 dm me (just under 200 subs)


so much good stuff, all ruined by the words "Spawner/Farm Progression"