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Meaga_Craft's Staff Application

Meaga_Craft's Staff Application

Minecraft Username:

My discord name changes between my gaming name and my initials, it is either
Meaga#3758 or Mgueddi#3758

-What is your age?
I am 16 years old.

-What is your timezone?
Eastern USA, (New York's timezone and around 6:00 at the time of submission)

-What country are you from?

-Which realm do you play on the most?
I currently play on Marvel the most.

-How many hours a week are you able to put into Minesaga?
I do not have an exact time however, I should be able to play around 2-3 hours a day at minimum. As the summer begins I will be able to play for significantly longer since school will be over. I tend to be on at awkward hours due to school and athletic commitments, so I may be able to help keep things tidy when other staff are offline. Weekends when I am home I will be able to play upwards of 6-8 hours.

● Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?
I had held some staff positions a few years back however, I am unable to recall the names of the servers. I can say that one was a prison server and the other a small factions server.

● Why do you want to become a staff member?

I mainly want to become a staff member because I find joy in helping others. The first time that I had played on a Minecraft prison server, my pleasant experience came from the helpful staff members and players that showed me the ropes of how to play and prevented cheaters and the general toxic individual from ruining the server.

After playing on this server for awhile, I noticed a staff team that works to improve the player experience and prevent toxic elements in game and in the chat from taking away good experience that the server has to offer. However I have witnessed on multiple occasions that people will break chat and item trading rules when staff are not on the server. I would like to become a staff member so that I am in a better position to assist the staff team in preventing people from taking away from the fun. Rather than just using /report, I would be able to fix the problems that arise, rather than letting them sit to annoy the players that are online.

I have been trying to find a game that I am interested in lately, so I decided to find a relaxing looking Minecraft server that wasn't as demanding as a large factions server yet still had some aspects of competition to it. Once I found this server, the mix between sky-block and prison that I had found in the Marvel realm was refreshing and enjoyable. I have had a lot of experience with prison and factions servers however, a sky-block server was a new concept to me. Once I began playing, I had a rough start trying to figure out how everything works but a helpful mod came to my assistance and helped me by telling me how to do many of the basic things on the server, like creating a cell and upgrading a pickaxe. Learning how to create all of the necessary things to become rich on the server was tough and I also want to create a guide to things such as enchants, cell warps, shops, cell value and minions that I will post to the forums in the coming weeks. My goal is to help players in the same way that I was assisted when I first joined the server.

An additional thought is that I have experience with dealing with cheaters with and without staff permissions. I have gotten pretty good at spotting people that are cheating or manipulating the economy of a server in dishonest ways and have dealt with DDOS attacks and online threats coming from the xbox side of my gaming life fairly well, and even without the administrative powers to do so. After all of the factions that I have played, dealing with toxic players is a basic function for me at this point. Handling situations that involve different kinds of angry people is a skill of mine that I have acquired from video games and life. Keeping it real and respectful with people is my main policy and cheating the servers economy is a no-go for me, even if it benefits me.

I have gotten fairly good experience in working with people in life as I have done both paid and volunteer work with a few different services such as healthcare and childcare. I would do my best to take my life skills and apply them to handling the situations that the server presents to me. I would love to become a staff member on this server and I intend on become an active member of its community for time to come.


Well-known member
Pretty good application. Though, you lack staff experience.


Well-known member
I know unfortunately, I was hoping that it could potentially be overlooked.
I wish it could, but it can't. Numerous people have been denied for lack of staff experience no matter how good their application was.


Well-known member
Although your staffing experience is low, you do have a decent application. However, experience is needed here at MineSaga due to the Network being so large.


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
Brand new forums account and no staff experience.