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Magma Cube Farm Fatal Flaw!


New member
Hey there!
I did some research on Magma Cubes before building my own farm, and apparently squishing them is the best option. However, small Cubes cannot be squished in the same chamber. I dealt with that. Problem is though, there is a smaller than medium, but bigger than small sized Magma Cube! And it doesn't fit in 1 Block space but also doesn't take damage from the big Chamber!
During Squish.png

After Squish.png

As you can see, that smaller than medium cube doesn't fall into my smaller trap but just ignored the bigger trap :/

Also, for some odd reason Items don't get pushed by Pistons, making for a lot of waste on the magma slimes.

I look forward to seeing some ideas from some people on how to fix this and how to make it lossless as YT hasn't been a good enough source :/

Hey, i dont think magma cubes are the best way of going about getting money, should probably do iron golems :D

Ps magma cubes are annoying <3


New member
I have a Golem Farm above it. But I got 4 Magma Cube Spawners for dirt cheap like 100k all at once. So I feel almost forced to make something out of them xD


New member
Alright it has now become an XP farm. All drop down a tube and sit there because..honestly thats what they'd do anyways, but now after AFK I can go down there with Looting and get their magma slime and xp. I really wish they'd take damage from Water :/