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Owner Review Longform's Player Report

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Realm Discord

Username Chrisss#0001

Their Username Longform

Punishment Invalid ban, Well you see, I jokingly admitted too it in a call and after I was banned I called longform and asked for the proof, Upon this he quickly responded with ''I don't have it'' Then I asked. Who had it? then he said there isn't proof just cause I am higher up I do not need the proof. Now I would've thought as I am having a joke about this as I actually didn't do it this ban isn't really fair imo as there is literally no proof on the situation. And since when has admittance been proof?

So I believe that my ban does seriously need to be re-thought as it's just not fair whatsoever to ban on a joke of which it was even admitted as a whole.

I have messaged asking for the proof but wasn't sent it by Delta who is the admin. Now I believe fully that if anything I should be sent the proof as I am appealing without even knowing what I said 100% myself also medulla has refused to send me the proof.

Upon this medulla also claimed that my punisher ''LongForm'' was in the call at the time of me making these ''threats'' to which he just wasn't. At the time of me apparently making these threats it was just me, Sav and someone called FinnyL so how is that fair?

also I feel like if my ban was truly valid then I have every right to get sent the proof as you can clearly see it's a situation that I am bothered about you would've thought that the staff members would've efficiently wanted to cool it down? And what's the point of having a staff rule saying they can send proof if they want but they never do anyway?

Proof I have none as admins won't send me the apparent proof

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