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Limited Shop


Active member
It was said that the prices of the limited shop will increase with the economy, nothing has changed.
Any noob can buy the stuff and what I think many do it with a macro. I have spoken to admins several times, but I couldn't find an ear for it.
I checked several times who is currently online and with two active players the limited shop was sold out after 10 seconds.
Which is not really possible. It should be checked or, if necessary, things should be changed.

My proposition:

When Limited Shop arrives, there is no advertisement in the chat. Because exactly this display in the chat enables the Macro to be accessed by players and automatically starts to buy items from it.

The prices should be increased enormously, that the economy is quite high after one month.
An Eco Booster shouldn't cost 30,000 Exp, but rather 15,000,000 Exp.
The prices are not fair to the online shop.

You should not be able to use the Limited Shop if you have not connected your account to Discord. This would regulate that players don't build shit with any alts for this stuff.

If you can think of anything and share your opinion with me, then keep your fingers crossed.


Moderation Team
Staff member
I feel like even without a chat announcement people will find a way to macro it.

IMO the price should increase but not by the amount you think.

15m exp for an eco booster? So you are suggesting that pretty much only 2 teams are able to have a chance at getting them?

The discord idea is actually smart +1


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
You haven’t seen the new prices, what?

people can use a macro to search the inventory for the item. It’s not hard.

report the times it empty’s instantly and I can go and look