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Denied KiterBry's Staff App


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Minecraft Username
My ign is KiterBry.

I just turned 20.


The Netherlands

Realm Activity
Over the past two years I have played on every realm, with prisons being my current realm of preference. Before prisons released I used to spend most of my time on Mystic. I also spent a lot of time competing on western this season.

I can be active for 3 hrs every day, if irl allows me. I have recently started uni but that should not be an issue. I prefer not to specify my irl in here but I'm open to share this. should this application be good enough to be moved to the interview stage.

I do not have any experience being a mod myself sadly. I have spent a lot of time in voice chats with Thiccsav, Antr0p0s, Maxmax187, AbsurdAlfa and various others. This allowed me to get a closer look at how modding works and also a good idea how to use common sense while
Even though they never directly discussed punishments, I could see in chat what offences were dealt with and what the corresponding punishments are. I learn quite fast and I think given a mentor I will be able to learn how to deal with rule-breakers in a quick and professional way.

First of all, I am generally a very chilled out person. I can be wound up sometimes, which also shows in a couple punishments in-game and on the Minesaga discord. I think however that as a staff it will be a given that I don't behave in the ways I have done in the past. Basically I have acted immature in chat sometimes but this was partially because it didn't really matter if I didn't act my age all the time. As part of the staff team, I would never be caught sending the kind of jokes I have sent in the past. I think this is part of being professional enough to belong in the staff team.

As a general rule, I am friendly to people I have never met before. This has resulted in a bunch of good friends on this server and has made my time here very enjoyable. I do have a tendency to hold grudges, but I have been working hard to forgive the people that have insulted me/done me wrong. After all, it's all about having fun on the server and preventing people from feeling left out.

For the past 3 years, I have been working in a bakery in town. In my time working as the sales assistant selling the cakes and the bread, I have learned how important it is to be organized when dealing with customers. Nobody likes it when the wrong pie or cake is handed to them or when an order is messed up. I take extra care in knowing the names of the regular customers and I have noticed that I have built up trust from the customers that they know their orders will be handled with care.
In my time working at the bakery it has become a regular that I am allowed to help in the bakery itself, decorating cakes, baking cookies and cheese crackers. This has taught me to be working fast and adapting to new situations, but also making sure to be precise. If the cookies or crackers are ugly or wrong, we can't sell them and that would make the bakers quite unhappy.
I have a habit of dealing out small cookies to children before they leave the shop. I take pride in being able to deal with them in a way that makes them say "thank you" in the cutest ways possible. It always brightens up my days if I get to make a child happy by giving them a cookie.

Maturity and professionalism
At my work, there's no room to be immature when talking to customers. They would just leave and buy their bread or cakes somewhere else. I have to be professional and I can't blab stupid jokes, which has never happened and I work hard to keep it that way. I really want to be a good example to help reduce toxicity on the server and make playing fun for everyone. I can be mature if need be and as a member of staff you have to be mature so that's what I'll be.
As a member of staff, you also have to be non-biased. This might involve punishing my own teammates or having to deal with a member of an opposing team. If the latter is the case, I'll ask for a second opinion from another staff member before punishing to make sure I am not being biased in any way.

In the two years I have been playing on Minesaga I have built up a relation of trust with a lot of the regular players on Minesaga. I have been unable to play for a while during highschool due to some medical issues, but I was able to stay in touch with the people I was close to on the server and I still talk to frequently.

Why do I want to be staff on Minesaga?
Minesaga has been my main server for so long and I know the people but also the game so well that I think I will be able to help out players on a regular basis and improve the fun in playing for them. I would love to reduce toxicity and making sure the server gets back up playercount-wise. I like meeting new people and would love to add to the staff team.

Thanks for taking the time to read my app, any remarks are welcome :)
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I would +1, but I don’t see you being staff due to how many times you’ve been muted / punished.
Yes. I have had a couple punishments but those were all punishments that I can easily prevent from happening (for example accidentally tagging staff or inappropriate jokes) in the future. Thanks for the feedback :)


Staff Manager
Staff member
Senior Administrator

Unfortunately, we haven’t decided to move forward due to your punishment history and previous behavior. We need all applicants to be mature and follow the rules themselves. If you improve on this in the future, feel free to re-apply.