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Jurassic Reset


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Hello everyone! 👋

Well, here we are again with the last reset post of this season of Skyblock. It's been a good set of resets and we're very happy with the changes we have made. This is your last chance to play one of our newly reset realms this season. After this reset, there will be no new Skyblock realms resetting for a while so again, if you want to play, now is your chance.

The post explains all of our changes that you will see when playing this season of Skyblock. There are a few differences so if you have already read previous posts, it is still worth giving it a scan through.

Make sure you enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post too, it is a big one!


Jurassic will be launching on Saturday 17th at 2 PM EST!
(Click here to view the countdown!)

Changes 📝
Here are your list of changes for this final reset. I'd recommend giving it a good read over even if you had read the other posts just to make sure you're familiar with everything you're going to see.

Fishing Event
Our first change is the fishing event. This is something that we added a while ago but isn't really used like we would like it to be. We hope this change will change that. During the fishing event now, whenever anyone catches a fish in the lake, you will receive a reward! That reward may be a spawner, a generator charm, valuable blocks, crate keys or anything else! On top of this, the winner (the person who catches the most fish) will also get the reward.

We hope this will encourage more people to stick around and actually go to the event.

Something that was very commonly asked for was the return of the Nether. So, guess what? You will now be able to access the nether again through a nether portal on your island. Going through into the Nether will be like it was way back towards the start of MineSaga. You will receive your own Nether island that you can build in and basically do whatever you want in!

Another thing asked for was some more achievements. I am not going to spoil anything but along the way, you will find a bunch more achievements for you to do. The rewards for these have also been heavily increased to again hopefully try and persuade people, especially in earlier game, to do these.

A feature that we had a while ago, probably almost 2 years ago now, was a boss that would spawn daily in warp pvp. This boss will spawn at 3 PM EST Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The boss will have a ton of health and the player that does the most damage to it will be given the rewards!

You can expect the rewards to be better than the normal boss rewards!

Sell Portals
You asked for it so here you go! Sell Portals are returning! It is a pretty simple concept. When placing them, anything that goes into them (mob or animal wise) will be automatically sold. A few points about them can be found below.
  • You can have as many sell portals on your island as you wish.
  • Sell portals will have a default active time of 3 hours.
  • Sell portals time active can be increased up to 5 hours by prestiging your island.
  • Anything sold in a sell portal will sell at 90% of the shop price. For example, and iron ingot normally would sell for $10, in a sell portal it would sell for $9.
Purgatory Shop
A new feature that we wanted to add is something called the Purgatory Shop. A lot of your suggestions were based around pushing lower level spawners more so that is what we have done.

If you do not know, the purgatory event happens once enough souls have been thrown into the purgatory pit in spawn. During the event, purgatory mobs (Zombies, Skeletons and Zombie Pigmen) will drop purgatory drops which can be sold to the shop for an insane price. Now, during the event, these mobs will drop souls too. Souls can be right clicked to be redeemed into your soul balance. You can view your souls balance with /souls. Souls can now be spent in the souls shop! This can be accessed with /souls shop or /purgatory shop.

This shop will only be active during the purgatory event and will contain similar items to the limited time shop!

XP Mine
Another old feature that has been requested back was the experience mine. The XP mine not only will give you experience when mining there but will also be a place where you can get mine crates and a whole load of valuable blocks. This was previously removed due to people using Xray to mine the valuable blocks.

We have now changed this up slightly. Valuable blocks will no longer appear in the mine, but they will be in the mine crates. This will stop people using Xray and will force them to mine normally.

You can access this at /warp mine and it will reset every 3 hours. Multipicks will be enabled.

Blockstacks are back in full force! You will now be able to block stack any valuable block again as this was so heavily requested. This should save you a load of time and allow you to spend that time doing some of the other things we have added!

The vast majority of complaints were to do with the economy. It is tough to make an economy work as what the larger teams want is going to be completely different to what smaller teams want.

This season, we have tried to put a bigger focus on lower level spawners, bringing those sell price way up. We have also dropped the prices of cactus again and increased prices of other farming things, specifically pumpkins and cane. Please note the changes to the sell wand in #changelog channel.

Overall, I think it is just a much more balanced economy with a lot less of a difference between those massive teams and the smaller teams which is what we want to aim for.

Something that we thought we should add back is gangs. Gang's will just essentially be like a party or another way to communicate with a group of people. If you have played on Prison, that is exactly what gangs will be like on Skyblock, minus the gang top!

Quality of Life Changes
Of course we have made a TON of small changes that don't deserve their own paragraph! Below is a list of all the changes, all still important and awesome that you should take a look over just so you know of the changes you can expect.
  • Add a /gems withdraw command to allow you to easily trade gems.
  • Moved the generators toggle command to /options.
  • Added /lts to see when the last limited time shop was.
  • Added /withdraw <amount> <quantity>
  • Added generator grades into crates
  • Spawner stacks increased to 50.
  • Max mob stack increased to 500.
  • Buffed envoys to again make them a lot better.
  • Buffed pets again, including the Frog pet.
  • Improved our autoclicker detection.
  • Increased the amount of money and level blocks from Dungeons.
  • Decreased the amount of Dungeon passes that are given out every day.
  • Buffed the level enchant in /pickaxe.
  • Added a ton more fortune levels to /pickaxe.
  • Increased the values you can get of rank money vouchers.
  • Increased the range of farmer and butcher machines.
  • Improved Realm Vaults once more.
  • Added Gems into vote rewards.
  • Increased the XP prices of spawner upgrades, especially level 4.
  • Added a new Autumn crate and removed the summer one.
What will you keep over a reset? ⛏
Again, no changes for you on what you will keep over resets, just the usual. You can read below for a list of everything you will keep if you are unaware of exactly what will be kept. Make sure to have used anything such as rank credit vouchers before the reset otherwise they will be lost!
  • Any rank that you have such as Pterodactyl rank.
  • Your permanent ability to /fly.
  • You will have access to any Legendary Kits purchased on the store.
  • All of your permanent pets however, the levels of your pets will reset.
  • You will also keep Island Expansions, Hopper Expansions, Fast Place, Tags and all your Cosmetics.
What are the Island Top prizes? 💳
For this reset, our Island Top prizes will remain exactly the same as the previous maps except for one small change. Rather than Island Top 2 getting a $75 Store Giftcard, they will now get a $50 one. The prizes can be found below for you to look at.

🥇 $100/week (PayPal) and $50/week (Giftcard)
🥈 $50/week (PayPal) and $50/week (Giftcard)
🥉 $50/week (Giftcard)
🏅 $15/week (Giftcard)
🏅 $10/week (Giftcard)

Just make note of that change to the second place prize.

Giveaway 💰
Onto the part of the post that everyone wants to see. Being the last giveaway, we thought we would surprise you with a nice final giveaway. That giveaway being a Saga rank! This is the top rank worth $350 and it is so simple to enter. All you need to do is click the link below, follow us and retweet the tweet... it couldn't be much easier.

That's all for you today! We hope you enjoy this last reset and we look forwarding to see you on Saturday. Good luck to anyone competing. Have fun!

Thanks again!
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