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Island recruitment


Well-known member
Hello, my ign is D8ug. You may know me from the forums or even from in game or maybe don't even know me. But that's not the issue.
I made this thread to tell you that Village Island is now recruiting for next season on western.

We seek players that are dedicated to the game and to minesaga due to our will to be on the top.
Usually I post the fact of me recruiting on the forums with this message:
Village Island
Is now recruiting!

- Who are we:

- Is top team who is going to try hard next season
- Won multiple is tops from 1 to 5 in many servers

- Why you should join us:

- If you want to win, join us, it's that easy.
- We are aiming for next season is top 1
- Really good players

- Requirements :

- Must be 14+ yo
- Must be active
- Must have past experience in an is top team
- Must have a mic

- To apply click on this link and fill up this form: https://goo.gl/forms/Jd1OjdSCRdkUdfas1
But since there is no that much intention to #recruitment on discord, I thought it will be a great idea to just post it here.

If you would like to join you will need to apply using the link on the spoiler^.
Even if you will compete against us next season, I wish you gl!

- D8ug