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How has Island Top changed?


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Hello all,

This post contains extremely important information in regards to how we are going to be paying out island top so make sure you read this carefully otherwise you'll end up losing out.

Currently, I spend a fair amount of time looking for peoples discords and waiting on respones from people in Discord. To speed things up, we have implemented a new command so people can set their PayPal emails in game and this is how it will work.

What to do?
Island top will be picked at 3:30 PM EST every Saturday, unless you get told otherwise. You will still be able to choose whether you want your payout through PayPal or through a store gift card. The island owner MUST use the command /is paypal <email> if they want to be paid out VIA paypal.

If you want to get your payment as a store giftcard, issue the same command (/is paypal) but replace the email with "Giftcard". So here is an example:

/is paypal [email protected]

/is paypal giftcard

This will then allow us to pay you out straight away rather than having to try and find you through Discord, or ask you whether you want a giftcard or paypal.

You can obviously only pick if you want paypal or giftcard if you are top #1 on a realm. It doesn't matter if you don't have anything if you are position 2-5, the island leader will still just be messaged the giftcard code.

If you do not have anything set, you simply won't be paid out.

Thanks guys,
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Now i gotta become nr1 to try this
way to make it easier on yourself, and us! bravo.
Great stuff!! For me though if i happen to keep a top 5 place please donate mine to your charity in support of a great job done for this season. Hope you see this keep up the great work. =)


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I know this might seem dumb to ask but what are the amounts that will be paid for the top islands?

Thanks for reading.


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Is it okay to instead of linking my email (regards to privacy) to like a PayPal.me link?
That should definitely make it easier for you guys to work with! It’s enough to have to go through it all every Saturday; I can’t imagine.
In the space realm the number one island has 3 alt island and are in the top 5 i just feel like its a bit unfair to other people.