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How do I join MineSaga?

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Hey, welcome to MineSaga's website!

In this post, we'll teach you how to join and play MineSaga from your Minecraft launcher.

MineSaga is a Minecraft server with Skyblock, Prison, and more! We've got awesome content and updates and are always working on some awesome new features for our players. If you want to play, read the simple steps below and connect to our server!

If you already know how to join multiplayer servers, the IP is hub.minesaga.org.

You can only join our server on the Java Edition of Minecraft!

  1. Open Minecraft, and click "Multiplayer" on your homepage.

2. Click "Add Server" at the bottom of your server list.

3. Click on the "Server Address" box, and type in "hub.minesaga.org". Then click Done!

4. Then, click MineSaga in your server list and then click "Join Server".

Once you're in, you can then click on a realm and join a Skyblock realm!
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