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Help For Everyone!


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Hello! i am here to tell you every tip i can about minesaga
First, im going into statistics in how much time this took to write, so PLEASE, drop a useful or an agree OR a like, as this will prompt me to help more!
Amount of time this took: 27 minutes and 45 seconds!
Forums Help:
Ban Appeals:
First, i would like to say if your going to appeal a ban, make it sound professional and as exact as you can, because if you lie it will NOT get accepted, and always use the format, as many appeals get denied for lack of format.
Staff applications:
If your reading this and have not had ANY experience staffing, do not apply as it will get denied.
If you have, look here:
Make your application as good as possible and if possible provide and screenshots as you in staff role, and don't include the IP of the server, only say the name.
also, say the role you had and the playerbase too, as this server averages around 1000 players a day and needs people with atleast 50+ playerbase.
First off: You WILL get banned for lying.
Second, include screenshots of proof if needed and take note that some screenshots dont provide evidence at all.
In-Game Help:
Starting off:

Make a mine where you get 10K or so before moving on
Do this by making a sand block, then putting a cacti on top of that, after you build 2 next to each other put a string between the cactus then put a sand on there. then repeat or watch grapeappsauce's videos!
After you get 1 mil, look up designs for IG spawners as this will give you money for afking too!

After that, start saving up for more igs, and if ur p2w then go for it! Click Here For Link!
And if you guys loved this tutorial, please leave a positive reaction!
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