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Halloween Update


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Hello everyone

With our 3.0 update now out the way and the vast majority of bugs fixed, that now gives our team time to start working on our bi-weekly updates again. As you know, here at MineSaga we love theme our servers extremely well for the holiday periods and we really enjoy doing so. So of course, with it being so close to Halloween, this update is Halloween themed.

The first thing we have done for this update is "Halloweenify" all of our builds. @Arches did an amazing job with such short notice and we think all the spawns and the hubs look awesome. You can see the picture of our hub below. Please hop onto all of our realms and check the spawns out because they are just as awesome.


Store Items
Not only have we revamped all our builds, we have also added a variety of limit edition items to our store. You can find all of our Halloween items here: https://shop.minesaga.org/category/1423251. This includes 5 new Halloween tags, a Halloween Kit and a Halloween style Monthly Crate.



The Halloween Crate is the most overpowered crate on the store and contains better items and quantities than the Dragon Egg. You can also get all of our Halloween items from there such as trick or treat buckets, the Halloween kit and all of the 5 tags. These items won't be around for very long so if you are wanting to make a purchase, I suggest you do it soon.

The Crypt
The Crypt is a brand new event we are adding for the Halloween period. Every hour the event will automatically start and a message will appear in chat asking you to join it.

You will be teleported to a lobby, similar to our events now, where you will wait for the event to start. You must bring your own loot and if you die, you will lose it. Once the timer is up, all the people in the event will be teleported to the Crypt. The Crypt is essentially a cave system that you must run through and get to the big room at the end where a boss will spawn (The Crypt). You cannot damage other players but you will take damage from things in the Crypt.

Once you reach The Crypt at the end, the Night King Boss will spawn. This is a new boss that will only be seen in the Crypt. It is essentially a Skeleton that will wear overpowered armour and be extremely hard to kill. You must work as a team to take him down.

You will only receive a reward if you are still alive once the boss is defeated. If you die during the event before the boss is killed, you will not get anything.

You can leave the Crypt at any time by typing /crypt leave.

Trick or Treat
The return of the Trick or Treat bag, aren't you guys lucky! Trick or Treat bags have been slightly changed this year. You can gain Trick or Treat buckets in the following ways:

• Vote Parties
• Ad Parties
• Voting
• Hourly drops

Every hour, every player online will receive six trick or treat buckets. Any buckets you get can then be taken to the Wicked Witch which will be near the spawn on your realm. Right click the bucket on the Witch and it will tell you whether you get a Trick (nothing) or a Treat.


Misc Changes
I'm sure you have noticed by now that all players will look like they have a pumpkin on their head. Don't worry, it is not actually there so you can still wear helmets and things like that, it is purely a visual effect. Not only do players have pumpkins on their heads, so do Minions and mobs. Similar to players, they are clearly visual effects and they pumpkins will not drop when the mob dies.


That is a wrap on our 2019 Halloween Update. The Crypt will be out probably tomorrow so keep an eye out for it. We hope you enjoy the changes and are enjoying the 3.0 update as a whole. Good luck to those competing in Island Top tomorrow.


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Im pretty excited to play the crypt. Hopefully its more fun than dungeons 👀


New member
Would be better if rewards were given out based on who did the most DMG instead of who survived. But besides that sounds Great xD


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Nice update, it's pretty small depending on how you perceive it! I find its pretty "cozy!" It's nice :)