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Hall of Heroes and Outpost Update


Leadership Team
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Hello everyone,

Time for another one of our bi-weekly updates. We've got a pretty cool update for you guys this week so we really hope you enjoy it. Read the whole post through so you do not miss anything!

Hall Of Heroes

One of the things we tried to add for our 2.0 was a leaderboard area at spawn, but to be honest it kept breaking so we completely gave up on it. This update completely revamps that and gives you a cool, seperate warp to go to. You can access this by doing /warp hall or clicking on the Hall of Heroes icon in the /warps menu. Once you do that, you will be taken to the below building.

Once you are here, you will be able to see the top 3 people for different statistics such as Balance, Playtime, Deaths, Kills and Island/Cell value. These will update every minute so you will be able to see yourself on here if you're top 3 in any of those statistics. Clicking on the NPC will show you a bit more information such as the users island name and a list of the island/cell members giving kills and deaths after their names etc.

Please note that if you warp there now it may be empty as some realms it will take a reboot for it to work.


One of the most requested changes that we see is to add an outpost decapture time. So, we have gone ahead and done this. Outpost will now have a 2 minute capture time on all of our Skyblock realms. Once this is captured, exactly the same as before, the team does not have to stay on the outpost to receive the benefits of it. Now, instead of another island member being able to just run onto it to remove your perks, they will now have to decapture it for 2 minutes before you lose your benefits.

Once the outpost is decaptured, you will then be able to capture it again and gain the benefits. This just stops people and bots running over to it and stopping teams being able to capture is. We really hope you enjoy this change.

Another feature we added was /outpost. Essentially this will tell you that status of the outpost. It will tell you if it is being captured and if so who by (including the time remaining). It will also tell you who currently holds the outpost and it will tell you who is decapturing the outpost.

That is all for this week! Good luck to those competing in the Western reset tomorrow and hope to see you all there for another season.

Thanks folks,