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End Idea


Well-known member
Since the End now has more of a purpose, I think it would be a good idea to have a global boss that spawns every 12-24 hours. People can warp to the end and try to defeat what I would assume to be an Ender Dragon. Pvp is enabled so it would make it harder to kill without being hit from other island teams. This boss/Dragon would be very hard to kill, but would wreak amazing prizes.

Prize Ideas:

• A rare 3x economy booster for 12 hours
• A generous amount of dropper or parkour keys (given you can’t get them in game, only by purchase)
• An extremely rare island level block (a dragon egg) that is worth upwards of 20k-100k island levels. The block would not be enough to easily win over another team, but one of the eggs could be the decision maker between first and second place.
• Other rare items such as Economy boosters, cane wands, and some of the other harder to get items.

I do not believe any of these ideas could heavily distort and corrupt the economy because of the frequency that the mob would spawn, as well as how popular i believe the event would be, spreading the chances of winning over numerous players.


Moderation Team
Staff member
This concept seems intriguing, however I personally think the prizes would definetly need to be reduced as having them be that overpowered could have a negative effect on the server's economy.


Active member
I mean this idea is good and all, but with the current events like KOTH and Conquest, you don't have much people going towards it anyways
+1 good idea, but prizes should be lower because an island consisting of only good PvPers vs an island with no so good or bad PvPers dont really stand a chance and if 1 island keeps winning and winning the boss, the whole eco will shift in their favour especially with the 3x eco booster for 12 hours thing


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
We don’t want to make things more pvp based than they already are with things like outpost etc so although a good idea, unlikely to happen.