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Most people of the Mystic realm know me, I hang out a lot or as much as I can. I decided to do one of these on my birthday (March 15)because what better time than to be more embarrassed in one day. 😅
Well a bit about me, Going into a career on Robotics Engineering, My hobbies are soccer, gaming(shocker), and ANIMATION. Yeh I animate in 3D and 2D drawings.
I’m officially 14, next year I start high school, Once I finished 4 year of it I will get an Associates in Science for free to start my career.
Im a male btw and yes....
I’m Gay, BITE ME😋🌈
And what no one on the server knows, my actual name, most people call me Duck but I’m going to get another account soon which will be my new main. My actual name is....
Ryan! Don’t be afraid to call me that in game I really won’t mind, I know it’s a celebrity middle name lel, but just don’t annoy me with it, I’m thinking of changing it when I’m older to match myself better, so unless you can handle calling me Ryan, just call me Duck/Ducky/Assassin
Bonus Info: My celebrity Crush is Joshua Ryan Hutcherson😅


Moderation Team
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Hi LGBT friend <33
Look forward to seeing you around!

P.S Joshua is hot :love:


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People in game also call me Duck for some reason but I play on western, it'll be nice to meet you in game one day :D


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To be completely honest, I remember you from jurassic. Or is that just me?

Anyways, thanks for making this post
I played Jurassic like 3 hours one time xD so you might have seen me talk in chat, but I also sold you like 200 villagers 2 seasona before on mystic