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Denied Doggo's Staff Application

● ImADoggoM8
● My age is 13.
● Pacific Standard
● California
● Space
● 3-6
● No, i just got back into minecraft last month.
● I want to be able to help the community and answer everything I can. I have always wanted to have staff on atleast one server and I hope this can be the first server I have staff on.


Active member

- ABSOLUTELY, no detail involved.

- You took 30 seconds to make this.

- You are new to the forums.

- You clearly don't care about your application.

For now, this is a -1.
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This might be the worst application I saw in my entire life.
- DId you even put any Effort
- NEw to forums
- No past experience
- No detail
Just delete this and try again later


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-No detail. Take the application seriously.

-The format isn't shown just the answers. This is also needed or well it is wanted cause they have the format for the reason.

-No previous experience with moderation. Go get experience and then come back and try again.

Plz reconsider how you wrote this compared to Accepted Staff applications


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This application needs a lot more detail in all questions. I recommend looking at the accepted staff applications: here <-- to see how much detail is required.


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Senior Administrator
Hi @ImADoggoM8

We’re sorry to tell you that your application to become staff at the network has been declined. This is due to the fact that we feel you did not provide enough information in your application. Our judgement is heavily based on your application, and various other factors, however we feel that you did not put in the required effort.