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Cya guys!


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Hello guys! You might know me as Nova_Keff, keffgamer, itzkeff or you might just not know me, I’m leaving MineSaga, due to some stuff that’s going on with the server, and toxicity that is on-going in the servers/realms. If I see that the server gets more players and I see cool updates I might stay.

Honorable mentions:

RavingLoon: epic gamer, nice to have your help at every moment, will miss you buddy, message me if anything.

Navires: awesome guy, because a little toxic after he resigned, but really nice to talk to and he is cool.

Antro: epic guy, really supported me when I was new and he helped me learn when I was staff

B000m: she is nice and she shares a lot with the player she glad to met her in this game

LongForm: Epic mentor, besides that we didn't really talked...

Scir: Tryhard addicted dude that builds 200 cactus chunks to win island top, but its also a tryhard in skywars. Anyways I still beat him in TntRun.

RR: sorry for being such a scumbag with you, but after that you were also a scumbag with me. When I tried to apologize you didn’t accept it so I hope you can here.

Mena: Really nice person, even though you reported me(?) nobody knows how many times, we got along and we were good friends.

SwitchPlays: Nice guy, always helpful, although he shows me stuff when I don't ask for it, but when I ask for it he doesn't show me lol.

System: My favorite owner, non-biased, respected everyone, helped me when I was staffing. Really cool guy, answers all people's questions.

Lord0wnage: Cool dude that is talking about his dog 24/7, even though he is not the best at skywars, bedwars, etc, he is really nice to talk to.

Ozaqu: nice player in discord and Mc helpful and chilly.

Gullible: Omg, this guy is addicted to discord 24/7, he is currently in love with kayla, which was currently accepted for staff, which also made ItsLittleSnow quit.

Medulla: Are you not getting sleep? When you interviewed me I couldn't hear shit, good thing YoshiDaDino was there, and he was able to explain it to me in a nice way. "Cuffing ur bitch" professional" status smh.

TnTHorror : Tryhard pvper

I3lizzard I3east : Nice player to talk to, he is cool and chill.

DyeDye: Even though I don't know him as much, he is a really cool guy that surely does poetry, his messages are well made and he can back up everything he says.

Pengu and BicBoy: Two of my best mc friends, really helpful, and I remember we used to watch different realms and ask questions solving problems together, and it was great man, keep it up!

FireSteel4: Snitch, you shouldn't have invited medulla and other admins to that discord and you know what else.

Carrot: Can I get a carrot for dinner? Awesome guy ngl.

JazzaCroninc: Thanks for helping me when I started in MineSaga, one of the only players that actually shared with other people.

IAmSlime: You got me in that voice call [hehe] Cool dude and always happy to talk to you man.

Config: No clue what to say about you, never online when I was staffing.

Pax: Cuidate bro sigue haciendo lo que haces!

Atuka and Inadvertency: Epic dudes, cool friends and nice to talk to.

Spacey, best senior admin, chill dude that actually listened to other players.

Kayla: you are so afraid that you will fuck up if you write in general, that you are currently just not sending as many messages as you used to.

Jordan: Cool guy, made arguments with everyone, but cool guy.

FakeGucciWatch: He is a fake watch thats too gucci for us, he is really nice, makes good jokes. We like to bother LongForm together with Lord0wnage.

No_Haxs and Quig: Alright, these two idiots[Quig mostly], have been the most toxic guys I ever saw in this server. When I started playing I thought the server was peaceful, until I saw quig, quig is the most annoying player that MineSaga currently has. We all know that No_Haxs is trying to get new helpers demoted by telling them bull shit, just like you tried to with blackbeans, because I know my guy. I dislike the fact that quig is telling everyone to "shut up" when the only thing that @peep <--Quig should do is shut the fuck up.

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Admins, feel free to lock this thread if it gets out of hand for any reason.
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And no I'm not quitting because I got demoted, wondering who will be the first one to say that lol.


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Didn't see this one coming

That being said when grenade decided to leave after his staff app was denied everyone salted on him because of that (deserved)
And not for you (also deserved)

Will miss you! Kinda


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At least one of the other 5 times u quit I got an apology

Didn't see this one coming

That being said when grenade decided to leave after his staff app was denied everyone salted on him because of that (deserved)
And not for you (also deserved)

Will miss you! Kinda
Well if you read the whole thing carefully you can find something that say everything about what I might do :b

shut the fuck up keff
Quig, suck it up idiot.