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Couple Questions


Active member

As I have been searching around a bit I find it hard to find the information about some things on the server.
Now I have a couple questions and I hope someone can help me out here.

1. When you break end portals with a multipickaxe they dissapear? I had 42 end portals and after removing a lot with multipickaxe and a couple with my normal one I somehow only had 9 remaining? At first I thought they fell down and they were stacking somewhere but I did get 9 back so I'm curious what happend to my other 33.

2. What does fast place 1 and fast place 2 do? From the advanced and basic chest I have gotten multiple fast place 1 drops and fast place 2 drops (today we got 3x fast place 1 en 1x fast place 2) some clarification would be nice. :)

3. When I have a treasure kit and I get another treasure kit drop for another 30 days, does this extend the period I have the treasure kit with another 30 days or does it just reset?

Thanks in advance, will probably post some new questions soon.


Well-known member
1. Rip those portals you will not get them back
2. Fast place just places blocks up in the air depending on what level it is the higher the blocks go
3. It does not add onto what you already have it just resets your current timer