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Christmas Update


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Hello everyone

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It really is, and today we bring to you one of our most favorite updates we have ever released to you, the Christmas update. We absolutely love doing themed updates for the holidays for you guys. The only problem is that we start working on them months before they are due so myself, Config and System have been in the Christmas spirit since late September!

Anyway, there is your introduction, let us get on with the update.

We have a massive giveaway going on over on our Twitter account. This will be ending on January 1st. There is over $750 worth of items in this giveaway so I suggest you enter that the link below!

Black Friday Weekend Sale
Haha, you have to read this bit first! We currently have an 80% sale going on off everything other than global ranks and plus on our webstore. This will last until the end of the weekend so if you would like to take advantage of this sale make sure you do before then!

Now we can seriously get into the update post.

It's Christmas!
We've made a lot of changes to the network for this update, some of which you have seen before in previous years but other things that are brand new. We hope you enjoy everything that we have given you. The updates will come when the realms reboot. As of right now, Mystic and Western have the update. Jurassic will not get it as it is resetting in a few hours but you will see it on the new map tomorrow.

Lets start with the builds. Arches has been very, very hard at work themeing all of our hubs and spawns to be Christmas themed and they look amazing. I will drop you a few pictures below but please login and check out the builds on every realm, it is worth it!


Gifts are a new concept we have added this year for Christmas. They are not purchasable but can be obtained via things like envoys, santas sleigh, presents from under the Christmas tree, crates and more. Place them down and a small chest will appear. Wait a few seconds and the chest will explode dropping a few items down on the ground. Pick them up before they despawn!

Santa's Grotto
This is my favorite bit of the update, Santa's grotto. You can access this by typing /warp christmas. When you get there, walk forward and you will see a Christmas tree. Your job will be to craft Christmas decorations and right click them onto the tree to grow it. Once the tree gets a certain amount of decorations on it, it will grow to the next stage. There are 4 stages. The tree will start off as a tiny sapling and grow to a massive Christmas tree.

Once the tree has enough decorations on it, it will allow you to take a present from under it. When it broadcasts in chat that the presents are ready, simply run up to the tree and right click it. Each user can only claim one present and there are only a certain amount of presents available under the tree so be quick!

You will see broadcasts in chat telling you how many decorations is left until the tree levels up and how many presents are left under the tree. We hope you enjoy this.

As I mentioned, decorations can be crafted through our own crafting recipe! If you ever forget it, you will find it in a room at the Grotto when you warp there. A picture of it is below.


After you have used this recipe, you will be given the decoration. Run to the tree and right click it as mentioned above. A few screenshots of a few stages of the trees can be found below.


You guys know this, we did it last year and it is back again this year. Starting from December 1st, you will be able to login every day and claim a reward from the Advent calendar. This can be accessed with /advent. You must have your Discord account synced in order to use this to prevent abuse. Every day there will be a different reward, some better than others. If you miss a day, you will not be able to go back and open it again, it will become unavailable. I'd login every day if I were you, especially on Christmas!


Another old feature for you that we have decided to bring back, Santa! Santa works so hard delivering all the presents that he gets extremely hungry. You will find Santa located at the spawn of your realm. He is very, hungry. Feed Santa Milk and Cookies and when he is full up he will give the server a reward.

Simply right click with a cookie and bucket of milk on him and he will eat it off you. He doesn't want too many cookies though so each user will only be able to feed him once per round.


Another new thing for you folks, Baubles. Our spawns are very pretty but we wanted them to be prettier with some flashing lights! Around the spawns you will see lots of weird red, green and white blocks. When the Christmas update comes to your realms, you will start to see these change colour and flash like baubles. This is only a cosmetic effect but we thought it makes the spawns look pretty awesome!

Present Drops
Present drops are essentially "Envoys". Every hour, Santa's Sleigh will crash in /warp end and you need to find it and loot the presents off of it. You will get all sorts of things from these sleigh drops so they are definitely worth going to. Messages will be broadcasted in chat showing how many presents are left and the coordinates of the crash.



Island Snow
A feature that you guys loved! Island snow! It is pretty simple, simply execute /is snow for snow to be toggled on your Island. You may need to relog for it to take effect. You will able to toggle this on and off every 5 minutes.

Christmas Crates, Kits and Vaults
We have added a Christmas Crate as well as a Vault and a Kit. The contents of the Christmas crate can be viewed by right clicking it in spawn. The contents of the kit is listed on our store. The Vault is more overpowered than our current Vault key and contains some new Christmas items and bigger quantities of items.

Miscellaneous Updates
We of course have many other smaller changes too. A list of our smaller changes can be found below.

Twitter Graphics
We have had a quick redesign of our Twitter page to include some winter themed graphics. We hope you like them, a screenshot is below. While you are at it, you can drop us a follow!


Discord Emojis
As some of you may have noticed, everyone that has a nickname in the MineSaga Discord such as staff members and Saga ranks have all been given a Christmas tree at the end of their name! 🎄 Feel free to join in and use one too, lets see how many we can get.

Just like the Halloween update where mobs would spawn with a pumpkin on their heads, mobs will now spawn with a snow block on their head. Exactly the same as the pumpkins, don't worry, the snow blocks will not drop in your farm, it is purely a visual effect.

Christmas Tags
Hidden in the advent are 5 brand new Christmas tags. Make sure you claim everyday as you do not want to miss one of these limited edition tags. The tags are: Advent, Eggnog, Sled, Gingerbread and a snowflake emoji! These of course can be accessed in /tags.

As it is Winter in all our spawns, snowmen have formed and will spawn around the spawn point. Feel free to say hi to them if you see one!

Thank you all so much for the support. We have the Jurassic end of the map event today at 5 PM EST. Make sure you are online to get your codes. This will last 30 minutes and end at 5:30 PM EST.

Hope you all enjoy the update and enjoy the festive month of December!

Thanks guys,
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Advent calendars seems like an epic addition!


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I enjoyed last years advent calendar! Should be a cool update for sure!


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🎶 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Everywhere you go 🎶



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Looking forward to opening the advent calendar,
I live for tags now that I have every yellow rank