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Closed Charity for Australia's Fires


Moderation Team
Staff member
Idea from EPDad!!

Simple. Have a charity that raises money to help out families in Australia. (Also to help with the fires)

Tags and just a place to donate in general or have a percentage of every purchase go towards the foundation/charity.


Well-known member
+1 Been talk about what to do for the charity. Maybe on some reboot add a new pet for the charity, maybe even keep it going for awhile ....

New pet a koala and perk something to with PvP to give that aspect a boost.

ONLY Way to get the pet is to donate... And which from what I've seen I'd donate even though I don't PvP... My son yes somewhat so I'd have to donate to his account!

Think about THIS PLZ I think it's a great idea and maybe keep it going for other charities and the only way to get the pet is to donate to what ever charity event you have going ATM!!!! This way you can have charities running ALOT longer!


Well-known member
I did donate earlier thru Amazon when you by stuff and also where you can choose a charity.

I'm saying I'd do it again here. And I think others would also. Even with the idea that I mentioned about the pet.


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
It's not the right time to do a charity event, when it is, it'll be based on the current issue, if that's the Australia's fire then that will be the charity event.