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Changelog | September 7th


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner

Hello everyone,

On Saturday, we launched Prison! Our release post is at https://www.minesaga.org/threads/prison-release.31234, you should hop on and take a look around.

Below are all our small edits & changes since our last changelog on the 16th of August
  • Fixed an issue where top ranks did not have access to /trash.
  • Disabled stone generation from lava and water in the Mining World
  • Fixed issue where you could island inspect other people's islands
  • Fixed an issue where you would not get the Note Trail cosmetic out of a crate.
  • Fixed an issue with the Witch II achievement being spelled as "Wich".
  • Fixed an issue where Grade 3 generators were missing a side of them.
  • Fixed an issue where the island prestige chest would be too big after prestiging to level 40+.
  • Fixed an issue with ranks on the store saying "Click to add me to basket" as that is no longer how they work.
  • Fixed an issue with the Melee skill not being able to level up past one.
  • Added a user limit of 5 to Accelerate hoppers from Limited Time Shop.
  • Fixed Achievements referencing Villagers and not Witches, again.
  • Increased max stack size on mystic to 300.
  • Fixed breaking tiered hoppers with the Telekinesis enchant dropping regular hoppers.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with achievements where it stated the wrong amount of things needed to be done.
  • Fixed an issue with achievements where it would incorrectly show your progress.
  • Fixed an issue with Plus where they were getting both the default and the double rewards.
  • Updated the link at the bottom of the site/store to the new B2B sykblock guide.
  • Disabled the Kill 10,000 Witches and Kill 10,000 Villagers happening as global achievements.
  • Fixed bug where Bingo wouldn't end on Arcade if everyone logged out
  • Fixed an issue where the is kick permission would not actually work as only leaders could run the command.
  • Fixed issue where people who purchased a private mine wouldn't get access the the higher selling prices on Prison
  • Fixed /rules on Prison not providing a url to our rules
  • Fixed /reclaim not working on Prison
  • Implemented /ptop as alias of /prestigetop on Prison
  • Using ! in front of your sentance in gang chat will make it use global chat on Prison
  • Implemented /gang top on Prison
  • Updated our Prison Details post to fix prestige sell multiplier to include the correct rates
  • Fixed issue where island owners couldn't place Minions
  • Fixed members in V mine not being able to sell diamond blocks. (Prison)
  • Increased the max withdraw for banknotes (prison).
  • Made pristige/free/reset teleport you to spawn on Prison
  • Removed Cubed item from disenchant inventory as you cannot disenchant it
That is all for you! Keep an eye out on the forums over the next few weeks as we have something else upcoming! Hope you're all enjoying our new realm launch, Prison.