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Changelog | May 12th


Leadership Team
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Server Owner
Hello everyone.

Another week has passed and it is time for another changelog already. We've made a lot of fixes and additions this week, mainly to our new Skyblock and Prison crossover, the Marvel realm. Please let us know in the suggestions forum what you would like to see changed on either Marvel or our Skyblock servers for new seasons to keep you guys interested.

That being said, here is a compiled list of all our changes this week.

  • Fixed tiers abilities not working in Captain Marvel mine
  • Allowed you to shift right click gems and it will redeem your whole inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where effects from picks would not clear after you stop holding it.
  • Fixed an issue where breaking spawners with silk touch would not give you them (sorry).
  • Made runes enchants such as Thaw and Jackpot work together.
  • Fixed islands with hopper extensions not being able to place the correct amount of hoppers.
  • Fixed an issue where people could place more hoppers than their island would allow.
  • Fixed XP bottles not being refunded if over the MC limit.
  • Changed the max stack size on Marvel to 2,500 mobs.
  • Made tiered hoppers a lot more common in crates (Marvel).
  • Added /gems pay <name> <amount>.
  • Added /gems deposit to deposit all gems from your inventory.
  • Added /coins deposit to deposit all coins from your inventory.
  • Changed the minion farm upgrade in crates to sell because the farm mode doesn't exist (Marvel).
  • Removed hard clay from /shop (Marvel).
  • Added a potion shop to Marvel.
  • Changed blocks behind ladders in mines to bedrock to stop FPS drops.
  • Deployed the PvP arena and community chest update.
  • Fixed coordinates in outpost message being wrong.
  • Fixed fire spread being enabled in the new pvp arena.
  • /heal cannot be used in combat anymore.
  • Added 100x hay to the coin shop on Marvel.
  • Added 64x Villager spawners to the coin shop on Marvel.
  • Added /gems shop to Marvel.
  • Added unbreaking to /enchants on Marvel.

There is still a stupid amount of autoclickers, mainly on Space. If you're caught autoclicking, you'll be IP banned and your island will be disqualified from island top for a week.

Yesterday we think we fixed the last issues with our events plugin which caused some people to be invincible/lose their inventories once the event was up. We'll get this rolled out everywhere shortly and then events will be avaliable for you guys to enjoy.

Island top and Cell top
I mentioned this yesterday, and i'll put it in here too. There were a lot of people on Marvel yesterday that did not have their information set to either their PayPal email or "Giftcard". Do this with /is PayPal <text> or /cell PayPal <text>. If you do not have anything set next week, the leader of your island will be given a giftcard.

It is there so I do not have to spend ages chasing you up on Discord and waiting for a response.


Moderation Team
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:dab: :sunglasses:


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Finally I can store a whole inv of gems


Love the updates! Keep being amazing :cool: