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Changelog | March 11th


Leadership Team
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Server Owner
Whoops... a day late! Had to watch my football team lose yesterday so didn't get around to writing a change log but here we go. They're getting smaller and smaller every week as we've now fixed basically every bug we have come across with our 2.0 launch which is pretty awesome and now basically have the perfect Skyblock server.

We're also now able to focus our development hours on working on bigger projects again so we can keep up to date with our bi-weekly updates. Anyway, here is the change log.

  • Added the amount of boosters you have remaining to the /boosters menu.
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't get teleported out of mob arena if you logged out.
  • Fixed a typo with the capitalist purchase price in mob arena.
  • Allowed you to set mob interactions to guest.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't hit mobs beacuse it said island protected.
  • Seasonal realm info released!

  • Working on statistics pages for the site to view your profiles and island profiles.
  • Working on an issue where bosses get stuck and you can't hit them.

If you didn't see the Seasonal realm launch post, I suggest you look here: https://minesaga.org/seasonal

We also have a giveaway going on for 3 x $75 Buycraft Gifcards:
Good luck!
Cant wait to see a couple weeks of just P2W gameplay on seasonal :)