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Changelog | June 9th


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner
Hello everyone

Hope you're all doing well and hope everyone who is doing exams currently is pleased with how they are going too! Lots of smaller changes again this week to make the gameplay the best we possibly can give you. Below is the compiled list of changes we have made to the network since June 2nd!


  • Fixed an issue with /prestigetop saying no users are in this leaderboard.
  • Removed coins and keys from prestige rewards due to constant alt abuse.
  • Fixed the scoreboard sometimes messing up showing the placeholders.
  • Fixed the Arena scoreboard on Mystic.
  • Fixed an issue where the vote link at the bottom of the store would take you to the wrong page.
  • Increased max balance on Herbal and Marvel.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the header of the site once the IP had been copied.
  • Re-enabled /showcase everywhere after fixing some issues.

Events have been enabled globally again. We are aware of 1 issue where you can get barriers out still. Please bug test this and let us know of any issues you come into.

Island Top Coupons
To clarify, island top coupons are deleted the following Friday evening/Saturday morning depending on your timezone. If they are not used before then you will not be given it back to spend. I've also caught some of you spending your coupons on servers that you are not meant too. If you do this again, you will be banned from Island top/cell top for a week and the remaining balance of that giftcard will be deleted.

Thank you folks!


Moderation Team
Staff member
Senior Mod
I hope everyone is enjoying the content changes we are making.
Look forward to seeing you guys on the server.

PS. Good luck to everyone on their exams
So, if I understood it well, the coupons have a lifetime of 1 week?