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Changelog | June 21st


Leadership Team
Staff member
Server Owner

Hey everyone,

Well, we are back again with another changelog. Since our last changelog, we have reset 2 more skyblock realms including the Jurassic realm which is our final reset of the season. This happened yesterday so if you want to play a realm, this is the one for you! That being said, let's get on with the changelog.
  • Fixed the farming event not being every 4 hours like the reset posts say.
  • Removed the visual border warning colour.
  • Fixed non-island members being able to damage Villagers on One Block.
  • Fixed being able to shift click items into the Missions menu.
  • Fixed Silk Touch not working on Telekinesis picks.
  • Removed brown stained glass out of bingo on the Arcade server.
  • Added 20 new items that could be on your Bingo card in the Arcade.
  • Fixed Souls being sold with /sell all.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking in any empty slot in /shop while Limited Time Shop is active would cause it to be opened.
  • Fixed an issue where users could Enderpearl into the PvP Arena spawn due to incorrectly setup safezone bounds.
  • Reduced wolfed mask damage decrease percentage to 5% from 10%.
  • Fixed an issue where text colour after [item] in chat will not remain the same colour as what was before it.
  • Fixed an issue where shooting an Island member with a bow would cause your Skill to infinitely increase.
  • Setup the Island Value leaderboards in spawn on Western due to them being missed during setup.
  • Fixed Golem Killer II achievement saying Kill 100x Iron Golems rather than 1000.
  • Removed Sugar Cane from working with the Mining Skill.
  • Fixed an issue with the Nuker enchant.
  • Fixed the $75,000 in the events crate not being $750,000.
  • Added /xpbottle all.
  • Fixed an issue where users inside the PvP safezone could take damage from users outside it.
  • Switched Slime Blocks with Nether Quartz Ore for Island Value due to FPS issues. Mining Nether Quartz Ore will give you the ore back.
  • Changed the pillars at the outpost capture point to prevent players Pearl glitching into blocks.
  • Made some changes to our Western reboot script to allow more time for console clients to be disconnected.
  • Changed scoreboard and tab in hubs to display minesaga.net.
  • Island Prestige 4 and 5 will now give you an extra row for each prestige in your island vault.
  • Rewritten our clear chat plugin to prevent some console clients being kicked when this occurs.
  • Hopper Limit extensions purchased out of the limited time shop will now be given as a coupon.

That is a lot of changes! Anyway, that is all I have for you today. I hope you are enjoying the resets and good luck to all competing!