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Changelog | June 16th


Leadership Team
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Server Owner
Hello all,

Another changelog today with the list of all of our changes over the last week compiled together. Also, check out our update post that we pushed on Friday as we think you will really enjoy it: https://www.minesaga.org/threads/hall-of-heroes-and-outpost-update.25137/

That being said, here is the changelog.


  • Fixed an issue with loot boosters not showing in /buy GUI.
  • Disabled placement of TNT in the Arena.
  • Changed our command to our duels plugin to stop it overriding /arena sometimes.
  • Stop you entering an event while in the Arena to prevent issues with inventory saving.
  • Fixed a hole on captain marvel mine.
  • Added a void cell and island template to all realms.
  • Fixed hunter rank on kits not having /feed.
  • Fixed the shop warp on kits being in the wrong place.
  • Added a new cell value block on Marvel (Jukebox).
  • Patched an issue where cell banks would go into negative money if over the maximum "long" number.
  • Hopefully fixed saga /prefix resetting over death/world changes.
  • Fixed emerald ores not showing in arena statistics.
  • Fixed legendary boss bundle not being discounted on the store.
  • Added jukeboxes to cell top gui.
  • Fixed an issue where users could pearl high into spawn.
  • Deployed our new Hall of Heroes and Outpost update
  • Fixed an issue with cactus bombs from packages not matching the lore correctly and therefor not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the outpost decapture message had an extra "seconds" in it.
  • Disabled crafting of firework charges.

Island Top Coupons
So people are not confused in any way at all, unless said on release posts or on the hologram in spawn, Giftcards won on realms (unless taken as a PayPal alternative) are to be used on the realm you won them on. They are not global gift cards regardless of the place you finish.


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Niceeee but i think there is bug with /blocktop (not sure)