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Changelog | December 1st


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Hello everyone,

Happy 1st December! Not long to go now until the big day, hope you're all excited. Remember, as it is the 1st of December, you can start claiming your advent rewards. Access this by /advent. We also deployed a whole Christmas update so if you haven't seen that and want to, you can find that here: https://www.minesaga.org/threads/christmas-update.28003/

That being said, here is the changelog for this week.

● Released the Christmas update (link above).
● Developed the Kill the King event.
● Fixed a lang error with /envoys status causing there to be a placeholder that doesn't exist.
● Themed all of our hubs and spawns to be a Christmas theme.
● Fixed Discord sync not loading on Space causing delivery man to break.
● Fixed users being able to break the recipe for decorations at /warp christmas.
● Removed lapis ore from /shop.
● Fixed an issue where the amount of presents under the tree could go negative.
● Potentially fixed a crash issue with the Arena.
● Added cookies and nether stars to Prison shop.
● Fixed incorrect buy price of silverfish spawners on Jurassic.
● Fixed the Christmas crate showing the wrong quantities of silverfish and villager spawners.
● Fixed some issues with the autosell rune.

Thats all folks. Enjoy this week! Key all at 3 PM EST and the event at 1 PM EST!

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